The Department of Applied Linguistics hosts an extensive range of undergraduate modules forming the Linguistics pathway of four BA programmes: English Studies (Applied English), English and Communication Studies, English and International Business, and English and Finance. Departmental staff in Applied Linguistics teach all essential modules in the MA TESOL programme and MA Applied Linguistics (specialisation in multilingualism) programme and supervise PhD projects on topics related to their research in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.

Staff in the Department of Applied Linguistics have a wide range of research specialisations, including:

  • cognitive linguistics
  • corpus linguistics
  • first and second language acquisition
  • gerontolinguistics
  • historical linguistics
  • multilingualism
  • psycholinguistics
  • sociolinguistics

Staff of the Department of Applied Linguistics continue to make significant contributions to the field through publication in leading international journals, books and chapters. Prestigious funding bodies – including the National Social Science Fund of China, Chinese Society for Multilingualism and Multilingual Education affiliated to the International Association of Multilingual Education, and the Jiangsu Educational Science Research Fund – play an instrumental role in facilitating and supporting these contributions.

The Department of Applied Linguistics is a part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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