Industry, business and community

Industry, business and community

Our founding industry partner in the School of Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem co-development is Haier Group. Haier Group is a leading global provider of better-life solutions. In the process of continuous entrepreneurial innovation, Haier has transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise into a win-win IoT community ecology, leading global companies to take the lead in detonating the Internet of Things economy.

The School of Intelligent Manufacturing Ecosystem is keen on developing
– external engagements
– business partners
– internships
– service in the local community.

Our current industry partners include:

1. Haier Group (founding partner)
2. Suzhou Sinnotech Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Brose Taicang Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
4. Suzhou Smart Manufacturing Integration Development Center
5. Suzhou Industrial Park Digital Economy Association
6. University of Warwick, UK
7. Vermeiren (Suzhou) Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
8. Ruhlamat Automation Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
9. Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI)
10. EGO Electronic Devices (China) Co., Ltd.
11. Jiangsu JITRI Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

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