Our ongoing projects include:

  1. Development of mineral processing digital twins for hard rock ore deposits
  2. Meta-structure development and coupling to sensor fusion
  3. Systems Approach to Smart Technologies Transition in Multiple Manufacturing Contexts
  4. Research and development of hybrid additive/subtractive manufacturing technology for disc part
  5. Inspection and control system development for robotic additive manufacturing devices
  6. Dynamic integrated process planning and scheduling for remanufacturing
  7. Heat Exchanger Calculation Technical Support
  8. Refrigerant Flow Uniformity of Microchannel Heat Exchangers
  9. Digital Design of Smart Control Valves
  10. Research on liquid-vapour flow distribution in microchannel heat exchangers
  11. Alloy characterisations and surface/subsurface studies for functionality enhancement
  12. Numerical Investigations on the Coupling Effects of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop on Flow Distribution in Evaporators
  13. Model-based System Engineering Course Development
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