Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The School of Internet of Things (IoT) stands out with its specialized curriculum in IoT Engineering, a unique blend of industrial insights and entrepreneurial acumen. Our teaching methods are not just innovative, they are avant-garde, incorporating problem-based and project-based learning, complemented by assessments that mirror real-world challenges. These approaches are further enhanced by our cutting-edge laboratories and flexible workspaces, all designed to foster experimentation and innovation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a new generation of engineering entrepreneurs equipped to drive progress in their industrial, urban, regional, and national contexts. IoT research at our School is aligned with international trends and national priorities, addressing the pressing social and industrial demands for comprehensive solutions that integrate wireless communications, networks, cloud infrastructure, sensor technology, and data management platforms.


Our Values

Our program is not just about theory, we emphasize an applied research philosophy, focusing on IoT applications within smart grids, critical infrastructure, and diverse digital transformation scenarios, including smart cities, industries, agriculture, homes, healthcare, and transportation. Graduates of our distinctive program are not just prepared for the job market, they are primed to excel, armed with an educational background that instills an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset—the bedrock for emerging as future industry leaders.