The Professional Services Team



The IoT PS team consists of four administration professionals, including one school manager, one executive assistant, and two school administrators. The team aspires to exceed the expectations in supporting school success through excellent professional services and conscientious stewardship.

The IoT PS team works collaboratively across the university community to ensure the school operations and core functions are performed to a high standard of service, accountability, and efficiency.

The Laboratory Technology Management Team



The Laboratory Technology Management team is a collaborative effort across the University community to ensure a safe and regulated teaching and research environment for teachers and students.

As the laboratory technical management team, we support school teaching and learning activities by cooperating with faculties and students. We are committed to provide industry level and professional environment by creating equipment procurement plans, keeping equipment maintenance records and managing the storage systems according to school’s needs.

Our team supports both schools, AIAC and IOT, at the same time. We now have one laboratory technical manager and four laboratory technicians, each in charge of different fields. One of them will be focusing on supporting the related matters of the IoT laboratory.

Our team keeps improving and evolving as the university continues to grow.

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