Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

The Professional Services Team



The IoT Professional Services (PS) team consists of four administration professionals, including one school manager, the Dean’s executive assistant, and two school administrators. The team endeavours to support the School’s success through full commitment, excellent professional services, and conscientious stewardship. The team is also highly involved in school policy design, regulation creation, and strategic thinking, whilst fully supporting all procedural aspects of teaching, research, and administration.

The IoT PS team works collaboratively across the university community to ensure school operations and core functions are performed to a high standard of service, accountability, and efficiency.

The Laboratory Technology Management Team



The laboratory technical management team closely cooperates with our School, to build a professional, safe, and secure environment for all staff and students. The laboratory team is responsible for purchasing teaching-researching equipment, ensuring laboratory daily maintenance, tracking stock in the laboratory warehouse, and ensuring the equipment’s usability, accuracy, and completeness.

Currently, the laboratory technical management team consists of one school technical manager and three lab technicians, engaging with all the School of IoT laboratory activities. The laboratory team implements the working principles of ‘Safety’, ‘Cooperation’, ‘Pragmatic’, and ‘Innovation’, and is fully committed to supporting all kinds of laboratory working activities meticulously. The team is always thriving to improve laboratory management policies and provide more reliable support for teaching and research activities.