Staff Research Focus in The School of Internet of Things


Academic Staff Research Domains

Miguel Nunes

Information Systems (IS)
– IS Design and Development;
– IS Project Management;
– IS Change Management;
– IS Risk Management;
– IS Strategic Alignment.
Information Management (IM)
– Information Management Cycles and Models.
– Information Behaviour;
– Information Needs;
– Trust and Acceptance of Information Technology;
Knowledge Management (KM)
– Educational Informatics and e-Learning

Matilda Isaac

– Data science

– Machine learning techniques

– Neural Networks

– Deep Learning and Computer Vision

– Information Studies

Muhammad Ateeq

– Industry 4.0 technologies (Industrial Internet of Things, monitoring and control, AR/VR and digital twins)

– Industrial Microwave technologies for sensing (including antenna design)

– Microwave material processing for various industrial applications

– Sensor technologies including perception sensors for autonomous vehicles

– Wireless communication technologies and wearables

– Modelling and simulations

– Renewable energy technologies

– GIS and CAFM Systems

– Rheological and viscosity studies of materials

– Energy assessment and carbon footprint

– Pavement mix designs and their mechanical testing

Yuji Dong

– IoT

– Software Engineering

– Software Architecture

– Application-layer Protocols

– Semantic-based Techniques

– Simulation

Hadyan Hafizh

– the use of IoT and AI technologies in manufacturing industry

– Industrial IoT, specifically the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT)

Bintao Hu

– 5G/6G enabling technologies: network architecture, resource allocation, and interface and transmission technologies

– Cloud/edge/fog/device-computing assisted radio access networks;

– Wireless networked control of mobile robotic objects: autonomous driving, and IoT industry automation;

– Integration and coordination of communication, computing etc.

– U2X/V2X/D2D Communications.

Karim Moussa

– digital signal processing

– multimedia

– data security

– communication networks

– mobile communication systems

– multiuser MIMO systems

– massive MIMO and engineering optimization

Bong-Hwan Oh

– IoT

– Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

– TSN/DetNet

– Network softwarization

– Transport layer protocols

– Advanced Satellite network

Wenzhang Zhang

– Wireless Power Transfer

– RF Energy Harvesting

– Metamaterial, Metasurface

– Antenna Design

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