The modern function of universities is evolving and transforming as the world is becoming increasingly integrated and symbiotic. Sharing and interdependence are concepts fundamental to the mission of this university, where we have built a multi-layered ecosystem consisting of nature, knowledge, and society. We believe in resource sharing and cooperation with the industries we cover, in order to encourage and foster cultural innovations.


While we are committed to carrying out our mission of leading innovations and development of education, we have also attempted, through talent training, scientific research, standard setting, and international cooperation to facilitate the advancement of our society and civilization. For instance, we have been relentless in promoting sound management of ecosystems, network-like operating models, efficiency gains in knowledge organization, partnerships between academics and industry, cross-cultural exchanges, and international cooperation. Based on our network platforms, such as New Era Development Research Institute, the XIPU Institution, HeXie Management Research Centre, International Innovation Hub, International Technology Transfer Centre, the XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang), XJTLU Wisdom Lake Academy of Pharmacy and XJTLU-JITRI Academy of Industrial Technology, we have provided consistently strong and reliable support to tackling future challenges and capturing opportunities in the new world, an evolving, open-minded and interest-driven environment characterized by commitment to lifetime learning, innovations, and entrepreneurship.

Case study:
HeXie Management Research Centre
International Innovation Hub
International Technology Transfer Centre


XJTLU has created a scientific research ecosystem that combines a broad range of academic and research disciplines with industry partnerships, as it adheres to its mission of conducting research in areas where humanity faces severe challenges. The role that college research activities play in advancing the development of society and well-being of the human race has become increasingly prominent, as these endeavors have translated into significant scientific breakthroughs, providing solutions to our challenges and guidance as we head into the future.

Case study: XJTLU scholars have actively participated in United Nations-sponsored research projects in the fields of sustainable developmentCOVID-19, and biodiversity protection.


Educational institutions, especially international universities such as XJTLU are tasked with an important mission of serving the society at large, as they are able to leverage on their vast repertoire of cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary knowledge, technical expertise and collective wisdom. The university, empowered by its subject matter expertise, research prowess and network of resources, is uniquely positioned to promote social development and innovations through its proprietary platform, the XIPU Institution.

Case study: the XIPU Institution

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