In 2023, a Positive Impact Rating assessment conducted by students from the IBSS Oikos association rated IBSS as a “Transforming School”, a 4/5 assessment and one rank below the top PIR rating of “Pioneer School”. This rating level is described by PIR as a school with “a positive impact culture, embedded in governance and systems, with visible results and progress in many impact dimensions.”
The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) is a student-led rating system assessing the positive impact of business schools worldwide. The system was initiated in 2018 by business school experts and endorsed by WWF, Oxfam International and the UNGC Switzerland, with the active support of the funders VIVA Idea and The Institute for Business Sustainability (IBS). Through a 20 questions student survey, the system rates schools across 7 dimensions (Governance, Culture, Programs, Learning Methods, Student Support, Institution as Role Model, and Public Engagement) and places them on a scale from “beginning” to have a positive impact to “pioneering” as model business schools. The collection of data is organised through student associations, who distribute a survey within their own school. They take responsibility for assessing the positive impact of their school and get access to the data collected through an online dashboard. The overall PIR score of the business school is used to position it on one of five levels. The characterizations of the different levels refer to the developmental stage of the business school.
On this significant achievement, Dr. Ellen Touchstone, IBSS Associate Dean for Responsible and Sustainable Business Education said, “We are thrilled at this rating from our students and to see their confidence in our efforts to develop a learning environment and curricula that enhances their understanding of ethics, responsibility, sustainability and the key challenges humanity faces in these areas.”
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