Lee used to serve as the chairman of the 58th Asia-pacific Film Festival 2018 and the chairman of the 14th and 15th China Film Production Association. Lee won the Outstanding Contribution to Film in the 2019 “Los Angeles Asian Film Festival Award”. Lee has been engaged in film editing, directing and teaching for more than 30 years.

Most of Lee’s works focus on the humanistic care for veterans, and he is described as the helmsman of the social realism and humanistic care of Taiwan’s new film movement, who has long been concerned about the issues of Taiwanese veterans and humanistic care.

During Lee’s career, he has directed 12 narrative films, worked as executive producer for 23 films, made 2 documentaries and many commercials. At present, he focuses on the teaching of film inheritance, and continues to create films at the same time. He is also actively working on films such as [Father-Daughter Relationship], [Promises], [Grandpa’s Incense Bag] and [White Door, Goodbye!].



Honorary President of the Hong Kong Film Directors Association, Vice President of the Hong Kong Screenwriter’s Guild, Vice President of the Hong Kong Film Workers’ Association, film expert consultant of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. He was the chairman of the Hong Kong Film Awards Society from 1999 to 2003. During his tenure, he expanded the award setup, supported new talents and established the system for the Hong Kong Film Awards.

He used to be a director, screenwriter, producer and other positions. He directed and supervised the production of [Pom Pom], [Flaming Brothers], [Return Engagement], [Bet on fire], [18 Times], [The Banquet], [Twin Dragons], [Pom Pom and Hot Hot], [The True Hero],[Kung-Fu Academy] and other film works.

Because of his kind image, since 1990, he has played many loving roles like the main character’s father, and appeared in nearly 100 films and TV dramas, including [Wonder Bar], [The Threat of Love], [Healing Hands II], [DNA], [Healing Hands II], [C’est La Vie ,Mon Cheri], [Ghost Lantern], [He’s a Woman, She’s a Man I,II], [Comrades: Almost a Love Story], [In the Mood for Love], [Infernal Affairs II] and [Merry Go Round].



San Luo is currently the Executive Vice President of 1905 Films. She possesses over 15 years of experience in the film industry, covering the entire chain of investment, development, production, and distribution. She studied film production and scriptwriting at the University of California, Los Angeles. She used to participate in shooting jobs of co-production movies in China, such as Mission: Impossible III, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Kings of Kungfu and The Karate Kid. She also used to be the producer at Zedong Pictures.

As one of the first practitioners in China to be exposed to overseas distribution, she gained experience in the overseas distribution of Chinese-language films such as Guan Yun Chang and Sacrifice, and brought many films to the international market, such as Brotherhood of Blades and Forever Young.

In 2015-16, she worked as the international business director of 1905 Films. During this period, she played an important role in the marketing and promotion of films in China such as Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation, 007:Spectre, The SpongeBob Movie:Sponge Out of Water and The Angry Birds Movie.

Since 2017, she has led the team to further explore content development and international business.On the one hand, she helped distribute The Climbersto over 40 countries and areas. On the other hand, she led the team to achieve an in-depth and strategic content cooperation with the IP of “Angry Birds”.



Mr. Walli Ullah currently is one of the founders of Emu Films, and is both honoured and proud to have been awarded a MBE in the recent Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to the UK creative economy and for overseas investment in the UK.

EMU FILMS are an independent production company, most recently demonstrated through the groundbreaking “SMALL AXE” anthology of five films.

EMU are built on a reputation of realising the work of established visionary film makers, such as Terence Davies and Steve McQueen, whilst simultaneously enabling distinct new voices to gain International success. Every debut film maker working with EMU has achieved major film festival or award recognition. “CATCH ME DADDY” premiered at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, THE GOOB at Venice, THE SHOW at SXSW, “DIRTY GOD” at Sundance and JAWBONE earned a BAFTA nomination for best debut feature. EMU’s first four films received a combined total of twenty BIFA & BAFTA nominations amongst multiple international festival awards. EMU’s most recent release “Benediction” enjoyed huge festival success winning best screenplay at San Sebastian.

Walli is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Film, TV, and Digital Media. Walli has been at the forefront of developments in digital media and was an early pioneer of VOD and IPTV Most recently responsible for the growth and sale of a global entertainment content production and distribution company.

Walli successfully built the company to a multi-million pound turnover with staff and offices around the world.


She is the founder of Zhijian Culture Media, a well-known fashion media professional, a senior programme producer and a film producer.

She is one of the earliest practitioners of industrial programming in China and has been working on industrial content projects for more than a decade. She insisted on an industrial operation mindset to coordinate the overall situation and produce high-quality variety shows with empathetic content.

She started her career in media from China’s earliest venture capital industry programme “Win in China”. She was responsible for the crossover marketing of “Transformers” 1-3 and the overall marketing of the movie “Where Are We Going, Dad?”. She was also the head of advertising and marketing for Hunan TV’s industrial programme “The More Amoy the More Fun” and the website, and she has also served as the general manager of the fashion industry department of Hualu Baina Blue Flame.

Dongxiao Wei

Director of Artistic Creation Center of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Postgraduate Supervisor, specializing in theatre, film and television creation. He is the main member of Shanghai high-level local university innovation team, leading the team to complete Shanghai key education reform, industry-education integration, culture going out, Shanghai Culture Foundation key incubation projects, etc. He was awarded the title of national first-class undergraduate program. Reviewer of National Arts Foundation and Shanghai Culture and Arts Foundation, reviewer of drama series and overseas dramas of Shanghai International TV Festival Magnolia Award. Executive Director of Shanghai Science Writers Association, one of the founders of Shanghai Filmmakers Union.

He was the secretary of the branch of the School of Film and Television of Shanghai Theatre Academy and the vice president in charge of teaching. Since 1992, he has written films, TV dramas and drama scripts for public screening and dozens of episodes. He has made many works in the field of situational exhibition drama, multimedia show and exhibition planning, such as the multimedia show “Nature Epic” in Shanghai Nature Museum and “What if Theatre” in Shanghai Planetarium. His short film “The Way Back When I’m Coming” was premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival at the Palais du Film.

Jiaqi Liu

Producer/director, jury member of the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival. Jiaqi Liu graduated from the New York Film Academy, as a producer and director. She was a jury member at the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival, a member of the Alliance of Independent Producers of America, and a selector for European and American film festivals.

She studied in the US for 7 years. During her stay in the US, she filmed many movies and TV shows, especially a documentary about Chinese martial arts, “The Way of Kung Fu” with Mr. Wu Bin, the mentor of Jet Li and Wu Jing. For that documentary, they visited an orphanage where the orphanage staff told them that many orphans are adopted by overseas families every year and grow up and study overseas. Therefore, she returned to the U.S. and started preparing for the film “Love is Color Bind”.

Direct work “Love is Color Bind” has won the Best International Film, Best Original Score at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Narrative Feature at the Hollywood Film Festival in Los Angeles, etc. In addition, she is the producer of the film “Never Say Goodbye”, the art director and North American producer of “Arctic Night”, the producer of “Her World”. She participated in the films “The Beginning of Love”, “The Novel& the Noble”, “Morning Glory”, etc.

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