Regarding the selection of works, the competition unit of MEGA International Creative Media Festival adopts a three-trial system, in which the organising committee members conduct the faculty and academic team select the second round. Finally, the famous directors, producers and directors from the industry and academia will evaluate the works.


Joe Cheung  

Honorary President of the Hong Kong Film Directors Association, Vice President of the Hong Kong Screenwriter’s Guild, Vice President of the Hong Kong Film Workers’ Association, film expert consultant of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department. He was the chairman of the Hong Kong Film Awards Society from 1999 to 2003.


You-Ning Lee  

Lee used to serve as the chairman of the 58th Asia-pacific Film Festival 2018 and was the Chairman of the 14th and 15th Taiwan Film Production Association. Lee won Outstanding Contribution to Film at the 2019“Los Angeles Asian Film Festival Award”. Lee has been engaged in film editing, directing and teaching for more than 30 years.


Shuibo Wang 

International Director based in France, his film creations encompass animation, documentaries, and feature films, earning him numerous important awards at international film festivals, including Oscar nominations.


Changcheng He

Chair of Asia Pacific Designers Federation, founder of IAI Global Design Awards, an academic committee member of the Ministry of Culture’s “First China Design Expo”.


Dongxiao Wei 

Director of Artistic Creation Center of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Postgraduate Supervisor. He is the main member of the Shanghai high-level local university innovation team. He was awarded the title of National First-Class Undergraduate Program. He is a reviewer of the National Arts Foundation and Shanghai Culture and Arts Foundation, and a reviewer of drama series and overseas dramas of the Shanghai International TV Festival Magnolia Award.  He is one of the founders of the Shanghai Filmmakers Union.


Jiaqi Liu 

Producer/director, jury member of the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival. She was a jury member at the 59th Asia Pacific Film Festival, a member of the Alliance of Independent Producers of America, and a selector for European and American film festivals.