3rd MEGA

3rd MEGA

3rd MEGA

The list of nominations:

List of winner:


Best Micro Film Advertisement

The Closer You Get, the More Natural You Are

Director:Chen Qiu

Present by: Sichuan Fourth City Cultural Communication

Best Documentary

My homeward Journey

Director: Yao Zhou

Present by: Suzhou Broadcasting System

Best Fiction Film

Nan Run

Director: Yingyi Li

Present by: Beijing Hanren Culture Co.,Ltd

Student section

Best scrip

A Long Childhood

Director: Ying Zhang

Presented by: Shanghai Theatre Academy

Best Experimental Film


Director: Ting Ye

Presented by: Xi’an Jiaotong-Livepool University

Best Documentary

Between the Rope

Director: Yunchen Ye, Chenxiao Zhao

Present by: Peking University

Best Short Film

Masks of the Gods

Director: Qihang Wan

Presented by: Guizhou University

Best Director

There’s a Fine Line

Director: Xiangping Shu

Presented by: Beijing Film Academy

Best Photography

Sunrise Over the Bridge

Director: De Li

Presented by: Shanghai University

Best Editing

The Everlasting Banquet

Director: Yuzhong Zhang

Presented by: University of Southern California

Best Creativity

The Traveller

Director: Jiahao Zhang

Presented by: Liaoning Normal University

Best Art Installation


Created by: Yu Tang, Peizhao Huang, Muyuyang Huang, Yifan Kong, Jingjing li

Presented by: Xi’an Jiaotong-Livepool University

Best VR


Director: Yiran Wang、Ajun Yao

Presented by: University of the Arts London

Best Micro Film advertisement

LYNK &CO 09 Concept Advertisement

Director: Quanle Zhang

Presented by: Communication University of Zhejiang

Best MV

Music Video without You

Director:Vincent Tion Hudaya

Presented by:Presented by: Universitas multimedia Nusantara University

Best TV Show

Jump over to Make over

Director: Yun Kyeong Lee

Presented by: Xi’an Jiaotong-Livepool University

Shortlisted works mixed cut videos

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