Dear guests and judges, dear teachers, classmates, and friends,

Firstly, on behalf of Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, I warmly welcome everyone to take the time to attend this MEGA International Creative Media Festival! Thank you to all leaders and guests for your support; Thank you to the classmates and lecturers for their preparation; Thank you to students from all over the world for actively participating. I wish everyone excellent feedback on their work and the complete success of the event!

On the 15th anniversary of XJTLU’s establishment in 2021, the first MEGA International Creative Media Festival was established, attracting widespread attention and active discussions from numerous universities and industry sectors. The second MEGA had 69 domestic and foreign universities participating, totaling 215 entries. Again, we meet in May for MEGA. This year, 348 entries from 114 domestic and foreign universities, from 11 countries, 27 social and personal organizations participated. After 17 years of construction and development, XJTLU’s mission of influencing educational reform and future development has been successfully implemented, receiving widespread attention and recognition from all sectors. MEGA, as an international multi-media collection platform, not only provides the industry with a platform for experts to compete but also integrates core fields such as creativity, technology, and culture into industry and society through the form of Media, Exhibition, Graphics, and Arts, helping XJTLU to promote the development of cultural and creative industries and contribute to the establishment of the international cultural ecology system and the shaping of future society!

The rapid development of technology has dramatically expanded the time and space of human social life, enriching innovation and creation in human production and life, which is crucial for future social development. This echoes the theme of our third MEGA – Innovation. I sincerely hope that MEGA will strive towards even greater achievements and attract more domestic and international students to participate, as well as the attention and support of friends from all walks of life. Finally, thank you again for working with XJTLU to serve the industrial ecology and give back to human society!

Professor Youmin Xi
Executive President, XJTLU
Pro-vice-chancellor, University of Liverpool

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