President’s Letter

President’s Letter


Honored guests and judges, dear teachers, students, and friends,

In this blooming, radiant month of May, on behalf of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU), I extend a warm welcome to you for taking the time to attend the 4th MEGA International Creative Media Festival! We are grateful for the support of all the leaders and guests, for the hard work and preparation of our students and staff, and especially for the enthusiastic participation of contestants from all over the world. Your work reveals the diversity of the world, your creativity helps people understand the world’s richness, and your efforts let everyone enjoy the brilliance of MEGA!

Today, we gather because of MEGA. Coming from over 20 countries and more than 170 universities worldwide, and raised in different environments, cultures, and speaking different languages, we are all touched by the same film clips and awed by the same exhibition pieces. Our diverse backgrounds and nations do not prevent us from coming together to celebrate extraordinary creativity. Culture only reveals its value through communication and sharing, igniting spectacular innovation and exceptional creation through the collision of diversity. Rapid technological development has greatly expanded the time and space of human social life, creating an ever-growing need for richer innovation and creativity. Fortunately, the rapid iteration of advanced technologies like AI will enable the continuous creation of extraordinary, unprecedented, and even beyond-imagination creative and cultural works.

Looking forward to an enticing future society, XJTLU, committed to exploring and leading education, bears this responsibility. First, we seize the opportunity of the digital intelligence era and boldly innovate and practice based on future trends and talent needs, providing XJTLU’s solutions for the future of education in China and the world. Second, we embrace modern technology to constantly refine and upgrade the three educational models created by the university, nurturing talent that can imagine, create, and bravely ride the wave of change, fostering the continuous emergence of new knowledge, creativity, works, value, and industries. Third, we are dedicated to establishing an innovative ecosystem that integrates “industry, academia, research, government, and society,” supporting a new lifestyle featuring personalized, interest-driven, lifelong learning and the coordination of innovation, entrepreneurship, and industrial development. MEGA’s organizer, the Academy of Film and Creative Technology at XJTLU, is a flagship product of this mission. Its goal is to foster an innovative ecosystem surrounding the cultural and creative industries, strengthening cross-cultural exchange and cooperation, expanding a “borderless” platform for talent cultivation, and promoting education openness and high-quality development in line with the concept of a shared future for humanity. MEGA is the flagship project fulfilling this mission, aiming to build an international, diverse media platform that integrates creativity, technology, and culture into industry and society through Media, Exhibition, Graphics, and Arts, boosting the cultural and creative industry and contributing to the establishment of an international cultural ecosystem and the shaping of future society.

I sincerely hope that MEGA will continue to flourish, providing an open, inclusive platform for cultural exchange, collaboration, innovation, and creativity for students, industry professionals, and people from all walks of life. Lastly, thank you again for your participation and support. Let’s work together to serve the industrial ecosystem and give back to humanity!


Professor Youmin Xi
Executive President, XJTLU
Pro-vice-chancellor, University of Liverpool