Qian Wang


Dr. Qian "Sarah" Wang is the Research Director (Associate Dean), Ph.D. supervisor, and former Program Director of the MA in Global Education at the Academy of Future Education, XJTLU.

Dr. Sarah graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, with an MA and Ed.D. in Education Leadership with cross-discipline of Social-organizational Psychology and Adult Learning and Leadership.

Dr. Sarah has over fifteen years of teaching experience. As a teacher-researcher, her research focuses on technology-enhanced teaching innovation, leadership education, and teacher professional development in transnational/international contexts.

Her research projects emphasize emotion and metacognition in learning (e.g., self-directed learning, reflective practice, emotion regulation), action learning (including work-based/work-integrated learning), and organizational learning (with interest in informal/incidental learning).

Though Dr. Sarah specializes in qualitative and action research, she advocates interdisciplinary collaboration. She regularly works with colleagues from other disciplines, such as computer science, business, sociology, and psychology, to conduct mixed-method studies.
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