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Dr Myria Christophini is a Scottish and Cypriot Experimental Animator, Visual Artist and Researcher. Her work is a practice-led investigation into social change, and creative communication avenues among people in conflict and it also has a strong participatory art character.

Born to a Czechoslovakian mother and a Greek Cypriot father, Myria worked and studied in different countries with different educational systems and gained a practice-led PhD in the Creative Arts, Animation and Social Change (peace-building) from the Glasgow School of Art. Her research deals with Art and in particular Animation's potential to assist Social Change and Peace-building processes. It examines the role of Art and Animation to affect positive change and improve communication among conflicting, isolated or misrepresented communities. Her research has usually a cross-disciplinary, value-driven, practice-led character and is affiliated with the paradigm of constructivism and the approach of Participatory Action Research. The values that drive this research derive from the notion of Positive Peace, as developed by Prof. Johan Galtung (e.g. 1996). They can be summarized as Justice, Equality, Prosperity, Non-violence, Cooperation and Solidarity.

Myria is also active in painting, drawing and craft-making and in her practice, she often explores her relationship with her surroundings and the notion of 'Home' during immigration.

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Galtung, J., 1996. Peace by peaceful means. 1st ed. Oslo: SAGE Publications Ltd.
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