Zhonghao Chen


Zhonghao Chen is an artist, curator and educational personnel based in China and New Zealand. His practice focuses on the study and research of image & materiality through the realm of painting, meta-drawing, object-related art, and cross-disciplinary methodologies. Zhonghao has been exhibiting in NZ, Australia, China and Europe. His works are in collections of major NZ art museums and institutions such as the University of Canterbury and James Wallace Trust, etc. Additionally, his works are present among collections of global collectors.

Besides his artistic practice, Zhonghao extends his research into the fields of artistic and post-art curation. Zhonghao also participated in various Animation, film and experimental theatre projects. He was among the first group of artists to work with HitLab NZ on VR & art projects. Moreover, Zhonghao maintains a practice of sound art and experimental music.

Web: zhonghaochen.com
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    G-5066(TC Campus-Building G)
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