The Department of China Studies is aided and advised by a number of senior figures from other universities and institutions of higher education in China and around the world:

  • Professor Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Politics, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Professor Deborah Davis, Sociology, Yale University
  • Professor Bruce Dickson, Politics, George Washington University
  • Professor Jane Duckett, Politics, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Louise Edwards, History and Cultural Studies, University of New South Wales
  • Professor Sujian Guo, Politics, Fudan University
  • Professor Yingjie Guo, Cultural Studies, University of Sydney
  • Professor Li Chunling, Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Professor Pun Ngai, Sociology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Professor Jean-Louis Rocca, Sociology and Politics, Science-Po, Paris
  • Professor Wanning Sun, Cultural Studies, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Professor Xiaowei Zang, Sociology, City University Hong Kong
  • Professor Suisheng Zhao, International Relations, University of Denver
  • Professor Zhou Xiaohong, Sociology, Nanjing University
  • Professor Robert P. Weller, Anthropology, Boston University.
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