PhD Students

PhD Students
  • Name:Liuqi Wang
  • Research areas:cognitive translation processing; political translation
  • Title of PhD Project:Translating multi-word chunks in Chinese political discourses: A cognitive-processing Approach


  • Name: Yuanxin Yang
  • Research areas:Website translation, Multimodality
  • Title of PhD Project: Branding the Nation: A Study of National Image Construction and Promotion on Bilingual Government Portals via Multimodality


  • Name: Yanan Ren
  • Research areas:Audiovisual translation
  • Title of PhD Project: Audience Reception on Subtitle Translation of Chinese Comedy Films


  • Name:Roslyn Joy Irving
  • Research Areas:Ann Radcliffe, English Literature, Eighteenth-Century, Gothic, History/Historiography, Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Title of PhD Project:Frightened into Method: A Study of Literary Historiography in Radcliffe’s The Romance of the Forest