Research Publications

Research Publications
Year Title Author (s) Publisher/Journal
2024 Introduction to Literary Studies: A Guide for Global Students Alan McCluskey, Jonathan Ford Springer Nature
2023 The Works of Lin Yutang: Translation and Recognition Yangyang Long Routledge
2023 Negative, Nonsensical, and Non-Conformist… Peter Yacavone University of Michigan Press
2023 “Psychic Vampires” Henry Bartholomew Palgrave Macmillan
2023 The Unknown: Weird Writings by Algernon Blackwood, 1900-1937 Henry Bartholomew Handheld Press
2023 Coleridge and the Idea of History Thomas Duggett Romanticism
2023 计算语言学新进展研究 Xiaojun Zhang 清华大学出版社
2023 Videoconference interpreting goes multimodal: Some insights and a tentative proposal Xiaojun Zhang, Gloria Corpas Pastor, Jing Zhang Interpreting Technologies: Current and Future Trends
2023 Developing New Theories for New Realities: Reduce Linguistic Inequality with Multimodal Machine Translation Xiaojun Zhang, Zipei Zhou Frontiers in Asia-Pacific language and Culture Studies
2019  “Enstranged Strangers: OOO, the Uncanny, and the Gothic” Henry Bartholomew Open Philosophy (De Gruyter)
2022 Gothic Romanticism: Wordsworth, Architecture, Politics, Form (2nd Edition) Thomas Duggett Palgrave Springer
2022 Discursive Mediation in Translation: Living History and its Chinese Translations Hui Wang Palgrave Macmillan
2022 Narrating Difficult Histories: Interwar Border Crossing in Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies (1930) and Christopher Isherwood’s Down There on a Visit (1962) Yuexi Liu English Studies
2022 Traces of Homer in Ishmael’s Double Vision Alan McCluskey Leviathan (Johns Hopkins)
2022 Translation as Representation: Western Imagination of China fromthe Eighteenth Century to the Present Yangyang Long TranscULturAL: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies
2022 Sex, Race, and Wyatt Earp…My Darling Clementine Peter Yacavone Film & History
2020 From Romantic Gothic to Victorian Medievalism: 1817 and 1877 Thomas Duggett Cambridge University Press
2020 Hearing Voices: The Extended Mind in Evelyn Waugh’s The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold Yuexi Liu Modernist Cultures
2021 Trans Narratives: Trans, Transnational, Transmedia Ana Horvat, Sarah McRae, Orly Lael Netzer and Julie Rak Routledge
2021 From skill-acquisition to dynamic learning: Learning-oriented assessment in the sight translation classroom Xueni Zhang, Wan Hu, Maike Oergel Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning E
2019 Transpacific theatre: Lin Yutang’s self-translation as a creative act Yangyang Long Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies
2019 Unfixing the Prefix in Life-Writing Studies: Trans, Transmedia, Transnational Ana Horvat, Sarah McRae, Orly Lael Netzer and Julie Rak Trans Narratives, a/b: Auto/Biography Studies
2019 Tranimacies, Auto-Births, and Affective Trans Embodiment in Nina Arsenault’s Silicone Diaries and Heather Cassils’s Becoming an Image Ana Horvat Embodied Lives, a/b: Auto/Biography Studies
2019 Balancing University Teaching and Media Industry Needs: A Case Study of Teaching Finance and Economics News Translation Wan Hu, Xuquan Wang International Journal of Higher Education
2018 Education, Translation and Global Market Pressures: Curriculum Design in China and the UK Wan Hu Palgrave Macmillan
2018 “Free from the Blessings of Civilization”: Native Americans in Stagecoach and other Westerns Peter Yacavone Film & History
2018 专门领域翻译硕士培养模式及其课程设置:以西交利物浦大众传媒翻译硕士项目为例 Hui Wang, Zhoulin Ruan Translation Quarterly
2016 ‘Race and the Changing Representations of Neanderthals’ Alan McCluskey  Journal of Human Geography
2011 A Corpus-based, Machine-Aided Mode of Translator Training: ClinkNotes and beyond Chunshen Zhu, Hui Wang The Interpreter and Translator Trainer