The School of Languages is a Teaching Centre so our primary focus is on teaching-led scholarship and research. We have some excellent researchers on staff and we are constantly striving for excellence in both scholarship and research. They have published in international peer-reviewed journals, presented in prestigious international conferences, and obtained research funding to conduct research projects with the ultimate goal of enhancing students’ language learning experience at the School of Languages.

The School of Languages is establishing a number of prioritised scholarship and research themes including – Virtual Reality in Language Learning and Teaching across School (we have already created a VR Language Learning Lab in the Foundation Building and we are engaged with the Learning Mall Taicang initiative to create a Languages Hub with state-of-the-art technology there too); Non-Native Speakers of English, career development and EAP Professional Practices in ELC; and Use of Corpora in Language Learning and Teaching. These themes reflect the activities and interests of scholarship and research groups where expertise is both clustered and developed to generate sustainability and strength.

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