8 Teaching Principles for the English Language Centre

At the ELC, our teaching practices are guided by 8 core principles that we believe are central to the success of the Centre.

  1. ELC language lecturers should create a welcoming, sensitive, and supportive learning environment that takes learners’ backgrounds, levels, and contexts into account.
  2. Lessons should be largely student-centred in order to promote active learning.
  3. Each lesson should prepare students for future steps along their overall XJTLU/UoL journey.
  4. ELC students should generally be made aware of how lesson activities connect to lesson aims, module learning outcomes and assessments, and/or their overall XJTLU/UoL journey as appropriate.
  5. Lessons should foster and provide opportunities for communication, collaboration, discussion, debate, and peer feedback among students.
  6. Lessons should foster and provide opportunities for higher order thinking skills.
  7. Lessons should foster and provide opportunities for learner autonomy, knowledge transformation, and knowledge transfer.
  8. ELC language lecturers should feel free to be creative and to integrate ideas garnered from research, professional development sessions, and peer discussion into their lessons.
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