The following are some XJTLU Teaching Development Fund (TDF) projects by English Language Centre staff:

Investigators Project title Date
Anying Wang, Andy McIntosh, Juming Shen, Airong Wang, Hong Wang A Comparative Study of Native and Non-Native English-Speaking (NES/NNES) English Teachers in a Chinese-UK EMI University: Strengths and Challenges July 2020 –
Yu Wang, Jiashi Wang Using VR-assisted Project-based Learning to Facilitate EAP Learning and 21st Century Skills Development in an EMI Environment July 2020 –
Ningjuan Wang, Qingyang Sun, Rui Xu Investigating the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Learning Academic Writing Conventions July 2020 –
Chen Chen, Phillip Durrant, Pascual Perez-Paredes, Bin Zou, Jon Ford, Yunyan Zhang Investigating Vocabulary of Academic Spoken English to Improve Students’ Comprehension of Lectures February 2020-
Ying Chang,Kun Li ,Ying Zhou ,Xin Sun Online Education in an English-medium Instruction University: More Opportunities or Challenges for Chinese Undergraduates? January 2021 –
Yanwei Nie, Ling Wang, Yan Wei, Shuhan Li Developing Students’ Learner Autonomy in Online Language Learning August 2021 –
Mengqi Hu, Airong Wang, Rui Xu Exploring Effectiveness of Virtual Immersive Learning Environment in Academic Speaking Practices August 2021 –
Stephen Blowers, Kathryn Paterson, Jinying Ma, Stuart Donaldson, Junyi Li Improving engagement in learning for EAP repeating students at XJTLU August 2021 –
Yuehong Gao, Peiling Xing, Steve Jeaco A corpus-based approach to the investigation of discipline-related lexis for EAP teaching: From corpus evidence to pedagogical values August 2021 –
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