Student Club

Student Club

Student English Association (SEA)

The Student English Association (SEA) is one of XJTLU’s largest and most dynamic clubs, run with guidance and support from the English Language Centre. It is the result of eight separate clubs merging to produce a comprehensive range of social, cultural and academic activities which are frequently attended by ELC lecturers.

While the focus of these activities is to provide students with opportunities to improve their English skills, there is also an emphasis on peer interaction, social-emotional support, and academic and professional development.

The ever-increasing list of events includes: national public speaking contest, English corner, debating competition, morning reading group, test preparation workshop, academic materials publication, postgraduate and career planning seminar, movie night, festival celebration, joint events with other student organizations, and a student-run WeChat official account featuring English language learning resources. Events are promoted by e-mail, through posters, and through the student-run SEA WeChat official account. Most activities are free and open to all XJTLU students; however, there is also a special programme of events for club members.

While the club has extensive support from ELC, a student-led corporate structure, including a qualified management team overseeing six distinct departments, has been established that offers senior students the opportunity to acquire leadership experience in addition to applying what they have learnt in their studies.