Integrated Learning refers to credit-bearing modules that are delivered collaboratively by the English Language Centre (ELC) together with other academic departments. The broad aim of this type of provision is to promote content and language integrated learning (CLIL). More specifically, integrated learning modules provide embedded language and study skills support for students who are working with authentic academic content, while also encouraging students to make connections between the skills they have covered in EAP modules, and the tasks they need to engage in as part of their studies within their departments.

Beginning in the 2012-13 academic year, ELC has worked to develop a range of integrated learning modules with partner departments. The first was a single module jointly delivered with the departments of English, Culture and Communications, and Urban Planning and Design, and has expanded year on year and now includes modules which span Year One to Year Four at undergraduate level, as well as some modules at postgraduate level.

Feedback on integrated learning modules from both students and partner departments has been positive, and it continues to be an area of expansion for ELC provision within the University. In fact, the 2020-21 academic year, as part of the overhaul of the Year 1 curriculum, ELC support via assisted delivery will be provided on all of the new School-level Semester 1 taster modules as well as a significant number of the departmentally-owned semester 2 degree preparation modules. This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with all Schools across campus and these collaborations will be added to the diverse portfolio of assisted delivery modules that we already have established with various departments across campus in years 2+.

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