Language Courses

Language Courses


Modules offered to Y1 students are usually optional, 5 credits, semester-long modules which progressively cover stages 1 (S1) and 2 (S2) of Spanish language learning -equivalent to an exit level of A1 according to CEFR-. They are intended to students who have little or no previous knowledge of Spanish language but a great interest on the Hispanic world and its language and culture.

These stages of learning will equip students with basic structures and cultural background to encourage students to continue learning Spanish and, for those aiming to enroll in shared programmes such as International Business with a Language (IBwL), they would be essential to determine whether they can join the program with a language minor from Year 2 onwards.


From year 2 of study, modules are usually offered on a continuous year-long basis progressively covering a range of CEFR levels from A2 (Y2), B1 (Y3) and B2 (Y4) and a steady weight of 10 credits, split in both semesters 1 and 2. These annual modules are uniquely offered to those students enrolled in shared programmes which include a language minor -such IBwL, for example-, and require to have a demonstrable previous level of competence on the language.

Delivery pattern include 2 hours of seminars and 1 hour of lectures per week, all of which are delivered with a clear communicative focus encouraging students to fully develop all necessary skills of a language (speaking, listening, writing, reading), and student-centered approach in groups of between 20 to 25 students per class.

Besides, an alternative semester-long module (5 credits) is usually offered to students eligible to continue with Spanish language learning on Y2. This module is a continuation of the semester-long ones offered during Y1 and will equip students with wider foundations on the language so that they can acquire an equivalent A2- of the CEFR.


In addition to the credit-bearing SPA modules for undergraduate students, Spanish Division also supports postgraduate (masters’s and PhD) students of XJTLU through non-credit-bearing ALA modules (Additional Learning Activity) and CS services (Continuing Support, see below).

Aiming to provide our PG students with basic foundations of the Spanish language, two semester-long modules are offered within an Academic Year, covering the CEFR levels of A1- (SPA901) in semester 1, and A1 (SPA902) in semester 2. Students do not need to have a previous knowledge in Spanish to attend in first term but they will need to have passed the stage 1 module (S1) in order to progress to stage 2 module in semester 2. These both modules are normally delivered through an intensive pattern of 3 hours-lectures / week, and will put the focus on providing the basic structural and cultural foundations to approach the Hispanic world and its language from a communicative perspective.