Spanish Language

Spanish Language


The Spanish division of the School of Languages at XJTLU (SPA) is fully committed to teaching the Spanish language, as well as the professional development of our teaching staff. With over 1,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students per year, SPA is offering a wide range of modules and language levels within both semesters one and two, either as semester-long or year-long modules. These are usually offered as elective courses to students from Years One to Four, from different University programmes, such as International Business with a Language or International Relations.


Spanish is a rapidly growing language around the world; as Cervantes’ language expands and increases in prominence across borders, China has become one of the most powerful partners to support the learning of Spanish language as well as one of the current top five countries where Spanish is studied at universities.

As part of the School of Languages, SPA is committed to technology-enhanced and student-centred approaches in learning. The recent pandemic has compelled us to adapt to new online teaching realities, and these changes have been widely implemented with new digital tools. This has been a key element in the XJTLU philosophy of “proactively pursuing other advances in connection with immersive learning environments and disruptive technologies in order to prepare graduates for the impacts of the fourth industrial revolution and to make the school a go-to centre of excellence for language learning and teaching.”

Our staff is an active, diverse team of tutors of varied cultural and professional backgrounds with a shared commitment to students in their educational goals and projects. In light of the recent changes occurring across the University and the increasing importance of the Spanish language around the world, the SPA team is experiencing an exciting moment of growth, with many professional opportunities and new educational projects arising every day.

With this in mind, the SPA is continuously working to improve our students’ learning experience and future career prospects by engaging and getting more involved with the learning process. Since 2018, XJTLU students are able to join our exciting “Summer School in Argentina”, which allows students a unique immersive experience in one of the most vibrant Spanish-speaking countries. Students in this programme can improve their skills and learn local culture and history while on an unforgettable adventure abroad. Additionally, SPA is working on projects which will allow students similar opportunities in other Spanish-speaking locations such as Madrid or Salamanca (Spain).

Other SPA academic projects implement a new set of modules of Spanish in the following years, which seek to diversify and complement our students’ Spanish language learning options. Some of those modules may include: Spanish for business purposes, intercultural communication, Spanish for academic purposes and more.

Finally, in order to pursue the excellence of our students, we aim to grant official accreditation in Spanish through DELE and SIELE, the only official certificate in Spanish, issued by Instituto Cervantes. Therefore, the future plans of SPA include providing students with specific training to prepare for those exams and, eventually, to become an accredited centre of assessment for DELE/SIELE tests for both XJTLU and external students of Spanish.


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