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Jia Meng received his PhD in Electrical Engineering (Bioinformatics) from University of Texas at San Antonio in 2011. Before joining Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in 2013, he was a Staff Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Broad Institute, managing the Bioinformatics Core Facility at Picower Institute for Learning and Memory. Jia Meng is now a Professor and Department Head at Department of Biological Sciences, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University with an honorary appointment from University of Liverpool. Jia Meng has previously worked on a wide variety of computational biology projects that aim at a system level understanding of gene regulation. His works typically integrate multiple high-throughput data types and various knowledge databases with advanced multivariate techniques involving deep learning and statistical models. He has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and is now focusing primarily on bioinformatics of RNA modifications and epitranscriptome.

孟佳在美国德克萨斯大学圣安东尼奥分校获得电子工程学博士学位(生物信息学方向),后加入美国麻省理工学院和伯德研究所从事生物信息学研究工作。 孟佳于2013年加入西交利物浦大学生物科学系,历任讲师、副教授、高级副教授、教授,建立了生物信息学本科专业,现任生物科学系主任,生物信息研究中心(苏州独墅湖高教区重点科研平台)主任,英国利物浦大学的兼职博导。孟佳长期从事生物信息数据特别是高通量数据的分析和研究工作,专注于利用数学和统计方法系统性的理解基因调控过程,开发新的数据分析工具。已发表论文专著等100余篇,主研包括国家自然基金在内的各类科研基金项目十余个,先后入选江苏省双创计划, 江苏省六大人才高峰,江苏省333工程和苏州市优秀教育工作者等高层次人才培养计划及荣誉。孟佳目前主要专注于RNA修饰和表观转录组的生物信息学研究。
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