Konstantinos Douroudis


Dr. Konstantinos Douroudis graduated as Molecular Biologist and was awarded a PhD in Medicine within the disciplines of Immunology, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology. Then he received a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) and continued his career by being employed and establishing collaborations with other globally highly ranked Universities and Hospitals including King’s College London (United Kingdom), Newcastle University (United Kingdom) and Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden). He has also been awarded a Certificate from Uppsala University (Sweden) in Clinical Drug Development with special emphasis on clinical trial methodology and ethical considerations.

The main aspects of his research are to understand the molecular basis, genetic variation and epidemiology of human complex diseases by analyzing biological, clinical, genome wide and exome sequencing data and utilizing where appropriate, a wide range of laboratory-based techniques and advanced computational and statistical methodologies. In particular, his research focus is on the study of immune-genetic variants in susceptibility of human diseases with an autoimmune and neurodegenerative background and investigating the shared genetic pathogenesis of multifactorial traits.

His research has been published in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals including the journals of Nature Genetics (IF 41.3), Brain, Behavior & Immunity (IF 19.2), Brain (IF 15.2), Neurology (IF 12.2) and Journal of Investigative Dermatology (IF 7.5).
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