Tatsuhiko Kadowaki


After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Agricultural biochemistry, he pursued Master study in Biochemistry at Nagoya University (Japan) and PhD study in Cell Biology and Genetics at Case Western Reserve University (US). Subsequently, he worked at Harvard Medical School as the HHMI postdoctoral research fellow, and then Nagoya University, Stanford University, and UCSF as the JSPS postdoctoral research fellow. Upon his appointment to Nagoya University as Associate Professor, he has started studying honey bee and other Arthropod species as the model systems to understand Ecophysiology as well as host-pathogen/parasite interactions at molecular and cellular levels.

Professor Kadowaki has published around 60 peer-reviewed papers. He has served as an editor for two journals and a panel for several research grant awarding bodies.

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    +86 (0)51288161659
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    SA449(SIP Campus-Science Building)
    Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District
    Suzhou Industrial Park

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