XJTLU students can attend any study abroad summer school according to their own study plan. Students can either search for information from XJTLU partner institutions or apply individually by themselves to any other universities world widely. But please notice that all credits get from summer school are only limited to the program itself, and it cannot be transferred to any credits inside XJTLU curriculum. Eligibility and application procedures vary for different courses. Current main recommended opportunities from XJTLU partner institutions are available at the following (Non Exhaustive List):

* Programs need nomination: Drop an email first to studyabroad@xjtlu.edu.cn so we can nominate you to the host university. And then you need to finish application on the host university website. Programs do not need nomination, students need to apply directly on the host university website.

Partner University Country Application Deadline *Need Nomination Nomination Deadline Program Topic Discount Free Place
KU LEUVEN Summer  Belgium 1 May 2023 No / Europe, target Y4 and graduate students Reduced tuition fee None
McGill Summer School Canada 5 Jun 2023 No / Business/Data/Communcation/Machine • 10% group discount available for groups of 10-20 students
• For groups of 20 students or more, a 15% discount will be awarded
HEC Montreal Canada 17 Jun 2023 No / French Language Discount offered None
UBC Vancouver Summer (non-partner) Canada 18 Feb 2023 No / Varies None None
Nordic Center-Fudan Summer School China 31 Mar 2023 Yes and only 3 places 15 Mar 2023 Business None None
Taiwan National Central University China (Taiwan) 14 Apr 2023 Yes 30 Mar 2023 Taiwan Culture and Visit Partner discount None
Masaryk University Czech Republic 15 Apr 2023 No / Varies • €400 off programmes 3 weeks or longer
Deadline for these programmes is 15 April
• €100 off 2 week programmes and online courses
Deadline for these programmes is 15 May
Turku Summer School Finland 15 Apr 2023 Yes 30 Mar 2023 Design/Business/Health/Urban/Social None (but the course fees vary only between 45-75€!) None
EM Normandie Summer School France 31 May 2023 Yes 15 Mar 2023 Business/Management/Supply ect None 10
Emlyon Summer School France 1 Apr 2023 Yes 15 Mar 2023 Business (only for PG)  A special discount will be granted if at least 3 students come from the same institution 6
Sophia Summer School Japan 13 Mar 2023 Free place Nomination 8 Mar 2023 Language and Culture None 2
UIB Summer  Kazakhstan / No / Business None None
Taylor’s Summer School Malaysia 31 May 2023 Discount students Nomination 15 May 2023 Malaysian Culture, Heritage and Gastronomy 12 participants (ratio of 3:1) with discounted rate of USD 900 per person. None
Nordic Center-Bergen Summer Research School Norway 1 Feb 2023 No / Childhood: Nurturing care for building the future None None
Nanyang Technology University (non-partner) Singapore 31 Mar 2023 Yes 1 Mar 2023 Varies None None
SKKU Summer South Korea 2 Jun 2023 No / Business/Computer/Social Science 30% Partner Scholarship None
IQS Summer School Spain / No / Investment/Marketing/ Environment None 8
UoL Summer School UK 12 May 2023 Free place Nomination 15 Apr 2023 Varies but not in Science/Engineering 10% 10
Leeds Summer School UK 1 May 2023 No / Arts/Business/Science/Engineering/Etc If 10 or more students from your institution attend LISS they will receive a 10% group discount None
UCL Summer School UK Flexible No / Arts/Enginnering/Science/Language/Etc 10% None
Girton Cambridge Summer School UK 31 Mar 2023 No / Business, Economics, Engineering None None
Oxford Prospects Summer Programmes UK 20 Mar 2023 No / Varies None None
SAF-Cambridge UK 25 Jan 2023 No / Research in different area None None
Boston Summer School USA 7 Apr 2023 No / Varies Partner students receive a 15% tuition discount if they enroll in 2 courses. And they receive a waived application fee if they apply through the Partner portal which is available on our special, non-public Partner page None
SAF Summer School Varies Varies No / Varies None None


1. The programmes being advertised here are opportunities for Summer School run by other universities and institutions of higher education.

They are not programmes offered or administered by XJTLU. Students are responsible for their own enrolment and organisation into such programmes, including travel, accommodation and insurance. If you have questions regarding these summer schools, it is highly suggested to contact the host university directly to get a quicker and more accurate response.

2. Applications should be made by current XJTLU degree students (UG, PG and PhD students).

(1) Normal tuition paid students

Students should apply directly to the host institutions(except for tuition free places). For Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) programmes, applications should be addressed to SAF.

(2) Tuition free places

Please first go to XJTLU Application Channel to apply for the tuition-free summer school places. Once you win the free place, we will nominate your name to host institutions and then you will apply to host institutions officially.

It is very important that ONLY applications for tuition-free summer schools should be submitted through the XJTLU portal and the host university application system, general summer school applications should be made to the host university directly.

3. The deadline to apply as normal tuition paid students depends on host institution. Please check their official website by yourself to make sure you will not miss the deadline.

The deadline of apply for tuition free places in XJTLU please see Study Abroad Newsletter sending via email.

4. Requirements

Different host institution has different entry requirement. For tuition free summer school places, study abroad team (studyabroad@xjtlu.edu.cn) will publish entry requirement each year via email.

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