Some progress onto further education at top global institutions, others get jobs in major cities around the world – London, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong – while some start their own businesses. They all have XJTLU’s learning and teaching philosophy in common, meaning that wherever they go and whatever they do, they’re achieving great things, following their passions and making a difference.

Our dedicated Career Development Office can help support you in your career planning, while our network of external mentors, made up of professionals from a range of industries, can offer you real-world guidance on job seeking and career development.


According to our 2020 Graduates Report, 86.03 percent of graduates planned to continue their studies in world-renowned universities).


Our location in Suzhou Industrial Park, which houses more than 5,000 international enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, means XJTLU students have numerous job opportunities after they graduate. Our graduates work at institutions and enterprises including the ‘Big Four’ accounting and consulting firms, foreign-owned banks, financial institutions, foreign-owned manufacturing and developing firms, and large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. They also receive offers of employment from around the world with companies such as Bosch, Uber, Amazon, China Telecom, Q-Game, HENKEL and Singapore National Grid.


Through our external mentor programme we invite experienced professionals from various companies to act as mentors to provide guidance on the various skills that are necessary for your future career development. The programme involves almost 400 mentors who have helped hundreds of XJTLU students and boosted their career prospects.

“At XJTLU in addition to gaining skills and knowledge, you discover who you are – a questioner, a problem solver, a dreamer, and a free spirit. Having graduated, I am now working at an architecture practice in Shanghai and I will soon undertake my masters at Bartlett (UCL) in London.”




Among those who start work immediately upon graduation, some students choose to start their own company and develop their own products.

We hope to become a major centre for entrepreneurship in China, offering support to our students to set up their own businesses. Our International Innovation Hub provides funding for student business ideas as well as support for proof-of-concept work, business incubation, and collaboration opportunities.


Learn about internships, job postings, career activities, student entrepreneurship programmes, external mentor projects and more through our Career Centre System, where you can also make an appointment with career advisors.

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