Construction Foundation

Construction Foundation

The XJTLU-Baidu Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance was jointly established by the Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, and Baidu Group. It bridges government, academia, and industry, empowering collaboration between the research and business sectors. It is the first comprehensive and cutting-edge innovation alliance in China that focuses on creating AI chips, frameworks, models, and applications.

Suzhou Industrial Park

  • Manufacturing stronghold: A top global industrial hub.
  • Industrial centre: A national-level industrial cluster.
  • Innovation capital: Recognised by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology as a world-class high-tech region.

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

  • Organisational strengths: Embracing openness and inclusivity, advanced management, efficient governance, and international and local integration.
  • Strong foundation: Leveraging the advantages of two parent universities, complete disciplinary foundation, solid research achievements, and a thriving innovation ecosystem.
  • University-level deployment: Pioneering efforts in connecting all academic disciplines, driven by a strong sense of responsibility, mission, and ambition.


  • Full-stack AI: One of few global companies providing full-stack AI technology, including AI chips, software architecture, and applications.
  • Technology leadership: Consistently ranked as China’s leader in AI patent applications and licensing.
  • Ecosystem: Fostering a flourishing and open AI ecosystem.