In addition to talent development, technical research and ecosystem, the alliance aims to enable collaborative innovation among society, industry, education, and research. To facilitate this vision, the alliance will provide a comprehensive service platform that covers capital, think tanks, intellectual property, technology brokers, data intelligence, legal services, and more. This platform will actively cooperate  with industrial alliances, along with platforms for international cooperation and experiences. The goal is to integrate education, talents, and technology, creating a new AI industry ecosystem, building new models, and pioneering new practices.

The intertwining and mutually reinforcing relationship between technology and education has been the driving force behind humanity’s continuous progress for thousands of years, forming a dual spiral structure. Each significant technological revolution has had a profound impact on the organization and lifestyle of human society. Today, as the wave of artificial intelligence approaches us with an irreversible momentum, the XJTLU-Baidu Artificial Intelligence Innovation Alliance becomes the key that allows us to actively embrace the future and embrace change.

Breaking away from traditional models, the alliance promotes the deep integration of industry, academia, and research, forging a seamless “industry-academia-research” innovation chain. With a more open approach to society, it gathers innovative elements and resources. XJTLU is determined to pioneer and practice a brand-new educational model that blends science and education and integrates industry and academia. It aims to facilitate the fusion of the talent chain, innovation chain, industry chain, and funding chain, laying the foundation for creating a collaborative ecosystem for AI innovation.

The future has already arrived, and we are all part of it.


Ecological Blueprint

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