• With cutting-edge and forward-looking artificial intelligence (AI) technology as our foundation, we aim to create an efficient model for collaboration between society, academia, and industry. We will foster capabilities in talent, technology, education, and industry to fully address the AI development wave.


  • To cultivate elite talents who possess a solid theoretical foundation and practical skills in AI, as well as interdisciplinary knowledge and an innovative mindset.
  • To conduct research on the forefront of AI technology, promoting technological breakthroughs and innovative applications that drive industrial advancement in the era of AI empowerment.
  • To be a catalyst in developing a high-quality regional AI industrial ecosystem: designing systematic innovations and models, integrating resources, coordinating elements, and catalysing forward-looking technologies and technological breakthroughs. This will help enhance the industrial ecosystem’s competitiveness and foster its sustainability in the long run.
  • To facilitate the establishment of regional AI talent hubs and technology clusters, gather industrial resources, and form international collaborations.

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