Initial Objectives(2023-2026)

Initial Objectives(2023-2026)

Talent cultivation

  • Establish the first Large-scale AI Model education system, promoting interdisciplinary integration and communication, and setting the benchmark for teaching in AI;
  • Collaborate in building practical training grounds for AI talent development, implementing interdisciplinary integrated education;
  • Facilitate case-based teaching to bridge the gap between industry and education, ensuring seamless integration between theory and practice; and
  • Provide learning and training certification services for AI professionals, establishing an industry-recognised qualification certification system.

Industrial technological breakthroughs

  • Achieve breakthroughs in key technologies for large model applications to facilitate deep integration between the industrial chain and the innovation chain;
  • Utilise applied research to drive foundational research and secure high-quality national/international patents;
  • Focus on applications and provide underlying technological infrastructure to support industrial empowerment solutions; and
  • Establish a nationally recognised artificial intelligence innovation platform in China.

Industrial ecosystem empowerment

  • Develop proprietary models for specific vertical industries to accelerate the process of turning research into practical applications;
  • Introduce industry-specific solutions for areas like smart carbon, biomedicine, and smart cities;
  • Facilitate ”AI+X” models, which are integrations of AI with specific industry applications (X);and
  • Establish targeted industry alliances along key value chains.

Wide regional impact

  • Organise international “Large-scale AI Model+” series annual forums;
  • Host or participate in influential domestic academic competitions such as the China Software Cup for University Students’ Design; and
  • Establish an intelligent public technology, resource-sharing, and information exchange platform for “AI+” industries;and
  • Create an industry empowerment platform to support and facilitate the development of various industries.