School activities and events

School activities and events

Clubs & Organisations

At present, there are approximately 200 student organisations and clubs classified into six categories on campus, namely, student committees, student unions, sports clubs, art clubs, academic clubs, social service clubs and recreational clubs. We also have an arts centre that gives students the opportunity to get involved in a range of creative activities. Our campus even has its very own student enterprise park where you can try developing a new product of starting your own business.

Sports at XJTLU

As an XJTLU student, in addition to being able to participate in our student sports clubs, you will have the chance to take part in physical education classes coordinated by our Physical Education Centre.
Currently, 21 sports are offered through PE classes at XJTLU, including badminton, basketball, belly dancing, billiards, boxing, bridge, Chinese martial arts, football, body building, golf, roller-skating, table tennis, taekwondo, tai chi, tennis, ultimate Frisbee and yoga.


The Student Organisation Support Centre supports a number of initiatives and events on campus, including:

Freshers’ fair

The annual Freshers’ Fair brings all student clubs and organisations together at the beginning of each new academic year to recruit new members. It is your chance to find out more about the clubs and organisations on offer and perhaps join in some of their activities.

Leadership training programme

The Leadership Training Programme (WinX) creates opportunities for students, especially student club leaders, to develop their skills in strategic planning, decision making, and project management. The leadership programme can help you contribute better to the communities you’re part of.

Volunteer academy

The Volunteer Academy coordinates volunteering activities at the University, encouraging students to get involved in volunteering opportunities and providing training and for the running of volunteer projects. It aims to inspire leadership and citizenship through volunteer activities that benefits both the local community and students’ growth.

Social practice programme

Our students are global citizens who have a strong sense of social responsibility. The social practice programme encourages and guides students to make contributions to the development of society through team projects varying from public-benefit activities to investigations of social issues.

Sports facilities on campus

The north campus of the school is equipped with outdoor basketball court, tennis court. The gym on the south campus has basketball hall, badminton hall, gymnasium, billiards hall, table tennis hall, indoor golf arena, squash hall, bow and arrow pavilion, fencing hall and multifunctional activity venues such as the training hall. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SOUTH CAMPUS

The sports facilities at XJTLU and in the surrounding area give me the opportunity to try different activities, meet new friends and stay fit and healthy!



Student union

The Student Union is a self-governing organisation open to all XJTLU students. It strives to serve the student body, lead and promote campus culture, and represent students’ voices in University development. It’s also a communications channel between the University and students.