Learning Mall E-Loop

Learning Mall E-Loop

Learning Mall E-Loop

Learning Mall E-Loop is the circle part of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) main architecture. Its design echoes XJTLU’s educational philosophy of Syntegrative Education and the understanding of the University of the Future that integrates education, enterprises, industry, community and society.


“Storefront” space

The XJTLU Learning Mall provides both online and onsite space “storefronts” for top global partners to share their learning content and education technology with its users. The overarching goal of the XJTLU Learning Mall is to act as an engaging innovation community, allowing its collaborators to freely develop their resources within its creative hub.

“Storefront” space, whether online or onsite, represents a unique opportunity for education-focused businesses to showcase resources through the XJTLU Learning Mall, with its links to internal and external stakeholders, particularly those who offer content and services. By fostering an inviting space and leveraging premier partners’ strengths, the XJTLU Learning Mall will forge a 21st-century alliance of like-minded entrepreneurs to make better contributions to the development of higher education and social progress in China and the world.

LM E-Loop not only showcases top resources and services from storefronts but also proactively establishes smart classrooms, digital hubs, XR lab, LM Gallery, etc. which provide opportunities to explore and experience the latest education technology.

Partnership Inquiries

If you are a local, national, or global company, industry, university, educational organisation, non-profit entity, service provider, or other platform interested in collaborating with the XJTLU Learning Mall, please contact partners@learningmall.cn. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We are open to all new possibilities of collaborative engagement.