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XIPU AI is an artificial intelligence system deployed by XJTLU Learning Mall based on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI model. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies in natural language processing, image processing, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide customized learning experiences and teaching support for users in the education sector, promoting academic understanding and personal growth.


Product Features

  • Knowledge Base and Information Retrieval: it provides a comprehensive and updated academic knowledge base, supporting efficient information retrieval to meet academic research and education needs.
  • Personalized Education Solutions: it utilizes AI technology to offer customized learning experiences and teaching assistance for learners and educators, catering to diverse educational needs.
  • Automated Content Tools: it automates the processing of academic materials, including content rewriting, summarization, and key information extraction, to improve research and learning efficiency.
  • Intelligent Image Recognition and Generation: it combines image recognition and generation technologies to assist with image processing, enhancing content visualization and increasing the interactivity and appeal of learning materials.
  • Natural Language Interaction System: Through natural language processing, it enables smooth dialogues with users, providing intelligent Q&A, emotional communication, and teaching guidance, enhancing the user interaction experience.

Application Scenarios

  • Higher Education Teaching: it assists educators in course design and analyzes students’ learning outcomes through data analysis to optimize teaching methods while providing students with support for after-class learning and review.
  • Academic Research: it offers literature search, material organization, and data analysis support for researchers, accelerating the research process.
  • Personalized Learning: it provides students seeking a personalized learning experience with customized learning materials and tutoring.
  • Online Education Platforms: it supplies intelligent learning management services to online education providers aiming to enhance platform intelligence, improving the effectiveness of remote learning.
  • K-12 Education Institutions: it helps teachers prepare supplementary classroom materials, provides research support for interactive teaching scenarios, and offers students channels for extracurricular information retrieval.