At the beginning of the digital age, the internet was considered a place to visit. As time passed and new technologies emerged, the internet became a place of digital residence, where virtually every individual and entity has a presence, playing a role in digital production and digital consumption and as a social being. To make the best use of online spaces and become digital citizens, people need digital literacy skills. Digital literacy is considered one of the most important capabilities that university students need for success within their academic career and in their future employment. Thus, universities need to help students improve their digital literacy.

The Global Digital Citizenship Centre (GDCC) aims to foster widespread and effective Global Digital Citizenship. As a platform for education, research, knowledge transfer, and collaboration, GDCC enables XJTLU students and teachers as well as the wider community to embrace the idea of digital citizenship and to proliferate the notion of Global Digital Citizenship to embed integrity into the fibre of the Internet ecosystem and enable everyone to make the best use of digital opportunities.

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