Cultivating the global citizenship of contemporary youth has been identified by UNESCO as a key value of future education, and transforming the learning model from exam-oriented to research-led is key to achieving this. Therefore, developing students’ global citizenship and research-led learning capacity has long been advocated by XJTLU.

To enable XJTLU students, especially Year One students, to develop such capacity effectively, LIFE has developed the Presessional and Transitional Programme for UG Students: Global Citizenship and Research-led Learning Series via collaboration with several departments such as the Centre of Student Affairs and English Language Centre in the School of Languages.

The series extends from a presessional programme to Year One optional modules and summer practicals that integrate the cultivation of global citizenship with the development of research-led learning skills. By guiding students to explore the four pillars of global citizenship – an awareness of sustainable development, digital literacy, a sense of social responsibility, and entrepreneurship – students will experience and explore the potential of research-led learning by themselves to develop the awareness and skills of lifelong learning.

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