Research Collaboration

Research Collaboration

Research cooperation and transfer and application of research results

The Academy will identify common and major technical problems in the industry and jointly apply for research projects to achieve school-enterprise-research cooperation and application of research results. Through the full use of faculty and high-qualified student resources from XJTLU, as well as the research and industry resources from JITRI, these efforts will create a long-term and stable innovative ecosystem.

International innovation platform

Through leveraging XJTLU’s international faculty team, global network of alumni, and research capabilities, the Academy provides students and teachers with an innovative platform to integrate international resources and participate in international learning and research. Jointly conducted project research and technological innovation are thus enabled through JITRI research institutes and industry experts, XJTLU’s research team, the University of Liverpool’s research team, as well as industries and research institutions in Liverpool.

Collaborative innovation laboratory

In order to better carry out high-level cooperative research, the Academy plans to establish a collaborative innovation laboratory model. With the laboratory as a carrier and base for industrial R&D and personnel training, application of scientific research results, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the innovation laboratory will assist in the sharing of R&D experience and results for industrial transformation and advancement.

Areas of Research Collaboration

Based on the joint education programme, and with the collaborative innovation laboratories as the carrier, the Academy will promote research collaboration between XJTLU and the specialized research institutes of JITRI by integrating the platforms and think tanks of the two sides. The supervisors and master and PhD students will be the main body of the research team, and they will develop 5 to 10 model cases of school-enterprise research cooperation. The specific areas of cooperation include but not limited to: