Based on XJTLU’s existing postgraduate training system, the Academy’s goal is to cultivate industry elites and leaders. It will leverage the research projects of JITRI’s specialised research institutes, joint ventures, and XJTLU to integrate the education and industry chains, build a “test field” for education reform and industry innovation, and become an example of XJTLU 2.0 as well as explorer of XJTLU 3.0.

XJTLU-JITRI joint supervision mechanism for postgraduate students

The Academy will explore and set up an XJTLU-JITRI joint supervision mechanism under which each student’s study will be aided by supervisory team. This team will be comprised of at least one XJTLU supervisor and one supervisor from the research institutes of JITRI, or an industry representative recognised by the XJTLU Graduate School. Concordantly, the Academy will explore and carry out the exchange of high-end scientific research personnel and research cooperation between the dual employment-and-supervision mechanisms of JITRI and XJTLU.

Joint PhD supervision

The Academy will further expand cooperation between XJTLU and JITRI to include more industry partners to cultivate more high-end interdisciplinary PhD talent needed by industry and to support industry upgrading and technological innovation.

Joint masters education

On top of XJTLU’s existing masters programmes, the Academy will explore, with its industry partners, the establishment of cutting-edge masters programmes that meet the needs of the industry. Through the unique industrial research and industrial professional masters training model, we can cultivate outstanding masters which will more closely meet the requirements of key partners through theory and practice.

Innovation practice base

The Academy plans to select typical research fields and set up innovation practice bases at JITRI research institutes and partner enterprises to provide students with opportunities for both short- and long-term internships. In order to cultivate future industry elites with both professional knowledge and industry capabilities, we encourage our students to get an early grasp on industry and market needs and improve their innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities.

Featured training courses

In response to the training needs of JITRI research institutes and enterprises, the Academy will organise and design multi-faceted training courses to further promote the in-depth integration of universities, research institutes and enterprises. It also will strengthen research on common industry technology and intellectual property sharing; promote cross-field and cross-industry collaboration among enterprises, colleges and research institutes; and build up the XJTLU-JITRI brand.