Features of XJTLU-JITRI Joint PhD Programme:

  • The degree is awarded by the University of Liverpool, and recognized by China’s Ministry of Education.
  • The programme adopts the international application admission procedure. Applicants do not need to take the Chinese national PhD entrance examination. Application is open through the whole year with flexible entry point at first day of every March, June, September and December.
  • XJTLU provides an international campus environment and 90% of academic staff are recruited internationally. PhD students will also be supervised by respected academics from the University of Liverpool.
  • The University provides travel budgets for students to attend international conferences and travel to University of Liverpool for a research visit from 3 to 6 months.
  • Joint supervisor mechanism: You will be appointed academic supervisors at XJTLU and UoL and an industry supervisor who is recognized by XJTLU Graduate School to mentor and supervise your research project. This creates an innovative education mechanism with the integration of industry, education and research.
  • Participation in the frontier industrial applied research projects: the research project proposals are extracted from the real technical requirements from leading companies. Under the joint guidance of academic and industry supervisors, you will be provided with rich industrial resources, sophisticated scientific research equipment and diverse international academic exchange networks, to carry out your research on high-level and cutting-edge industry topics.
  • The programme provides generous entry scholarships up to 100% tuition waiver. During the period of conducting research projects at JITRI’s research institute and innovation center, you will also receive allowance for living and research.
  • Students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in the period of study, will be given priority to work in JITRI’s research institutes or the cooperated leading companies after completing their studies or be recommended to the top overseas cooperative universities of JITRI for Post-doc position.


Please visit How to Apply for further information about the application process.

Submit your online application at online application system.

You may log in to view your application form at any time. If you need to provide any additional supporting documents after you submit the application, please send the documents to doctoralstudies@xjtlu.edu.cn (with your application ID, name, and applied department name).

If you have any queries about XJTLU-JITRI Joint PhD Programme, click here to ask a question.



PhD Programme Code Project title JITRI Research Institute XJTLU Principal supervisor JITRI Co-supervisor(Industrial Supervisor)
PhD in Chemistry FOS2309JAK01  High-efficiency organic photovoltaics based on nano structure
JITRI Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics
Yi Lin
Changqi Ma
PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering FOS2308JBB01 Monolithic-Integrated GaN Power Devices with Integrated Gate Drivers
Dynax Semiconductor, Inc.
Wen Liu Yi Pei
PhD in Mathematical Sciences FOS2210JJ01 Stability Control of Hydraulic Foot-legged Robot in Complex Environment
JITRI Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
Chen Xuan Minzhou Luo
PhD in Biological Sciences FOS2211JF01 Study on an industrial-grade nucleic acid delivery system based on exosomes
JITRI Institute of Organic Functional Materials and Applied Technology
Jinhui Chen Tianbin Ren
PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering FOS2105JA06 Paper-based microfluidic biosensors for rapid and automated immunoassays全自动、快速微流控纸基生物传感器的研究与开发 JITRI Micro-Nano Automation Institute
Pengfei Song
PhD in Biological Sciences FOS2112JG01 Chromosome substitution strains from Chinese wild mice
Research Institutes of Comparative Medicine
Minyan Wang Jing Zhao
PhD in Mathematical Sciences  FOS2210JM01 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Methodology Development for Liquid Cooling Plate of Power Battery: Stamping and Materials Properties Distribution
Advanced Materials Research Institute, Yangtze Delta; Alcha Group
Chen Xuan Shiyao Huang 黄诗尧;
Jason Zhang 张全成
PhD in Civil Engineering FOS2201JN01 Lightweight design and development of graphene / aluminum composites for new energy vehicles based on carbon neutralization基于碳中和的新能源汽车用石墨烯/铝复合材料轻量化设计研发 DINGMEI New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


Charles Kwet Shin Loo Chin Moy Jinfeng Leng
PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering FOS2111JF01 Study on Treatment of onychomycosis with soluble microneedles loaded with Terbinafine nanogels
JITRI functional materials Institute


Jie Sun Yongyong Li
PhD in Chemistry FOS2207JO01 Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cells
Institute of Organic Optoelectronics
Yi Lin Liang-Sheng Liao
PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering FOS2109JM02 Microstructural evolution and its relationship to properties of spray formed high performance aluminum alloys during thermomechanical process
Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Advanced Materials


Jie Sun Zhihong Jia
PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering FOS2208JM03 The hydrogen embrittlement mechanism of Aluminum Alloys
Advanced Materials Research Institute, Yangtze Delta长三角先进材料研究院 Min Chen
Rong Hu
PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering FOS2211JM01 AI-based Materials Design and Development of Advanced Metals and Alloys 先进金属材料的人工智能设计与制造 Advanced Materials Research Institute, Yangtze Delta
Chen Xuan Yuwen Cui
PhD in Chemistry FOS2209JR01 Study on the tunable cell structure of polymer foam via supercritical fluid micro-foaming
JITRI Advanced Polymer Materials Research Institute
Lifeng Ding Kang Tao
PhD in Chemistry FOS2210JB01  Materials and devices for room-temperature infrared photodetection
JITRI Brain Machine Fusion Intelligence Institute
Ye Wu Hongda Chen
PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering FOS2111JD01 High Performance Analog and RF IC Design Technology Research
Institute of Intelligent Integrated Circuit Design Technology
Miao Cui Xiaoxu Guo
PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering FOS2210JJ02 Man-machine collision detection algorithm
Jitri Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
Yuqing Chen Minzhou Luo
PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering FOS2205JL01 Investigation of Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy/受激发射损耗STED超分辨显微镜的研究 Institute of Advanced Laser Technology 先进激光所 Yinchao Zhao Prof. Hao Ruan
Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD FOS2205JL02 Brain-inspired optical computing 类脑光计算  Institute of Advanced Laser Technology 先进激光所 Yinchao Zhao Prof. Hao Ruan
PhD in Civil Engineering FOS2305JM01 Data-driven intelligent design methodology of flexible roll forming process 数据驱动的柔性辊压工艺智能化设计方法 Advanced Materials Research Institute, Yangtze Delta
Tianhong Gu

Shiyao Huang黄诗尧

PhD in Civil Engineering FOS2305JJ01 Information Fusion Navigation Algorithm based on Lidar-Vision Integration 基于雷视一体的信息融合导航算法 JITRI Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
Lei Fan

Minzhou Luo

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