To support XJTLU’s unique educational model, the External Mentor Project pairs external mentors who have rich professional experience and broad social career with XJTLU students to open a window for the students to know more about the society and life, develop better career awareness, and improve their comprehensive quality and problem-solving capabilities.

Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University opened the External Mentor Project in 2009. At the outset, there were no more than 20 external mentors. Yet, they guided and enriched XJTLU students’ career life with their positive life attitudes and rich career experience. After a decade of development, XJTLU now has a team of almost 1000 social elites from different industries. Some of them are come from the World 500, some of them are come from government, some of them are bold makers…

These external mentors have drawn the blueprints of openness, innovation and freedom with wisdom, kindled the curiosity and interest of students with the passion for life, and led XJTLU students the path to dreams with warm words.

Design related industry mentors:

Xuejun Chen Suzhou HengZong Dimension Architectural Planning and Design Co., LTD General Manger
Jianglong Lu Zhongheng Design Group Co., Ltd. (Suzhou Industrial Park Design Institute Co., Ltd.) Vice General Manager,1st Class Registered Structural Engineer, MIStructE, CEng, Professor Senior Engineer
Sijing Liu Ningfangwu (Suzhou) Culture media Co., LTD General Manger
Yong Lin Huahui Engineering Design Group Co., Ltd. General Manager of Strategic Development Center, General Manager of Management Consulting Company, President of Management Innovation Research Institute
Zhigang Lu Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd Management Center General Mgr.
Zhiyuan Liu Shanghai Chengtuo Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd General manager, Presiding architect
Jingxian Wu Suzhou hisdesign Co., Ltd President& Creative director
Yang Wang Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd Chief Engineer
Weiliang Zhang Suzhou Huazao Architectural Design Co., Ltd Vice President
Xuehong Zhang Suzhou Guomaojiahe Construction Engineering Co., Ltd Branch Manger
Yang Zheng Aoying design and construction Planning Supervisor
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