Civil Engineering is a rapidly expanding department with a committed team of enthusiastic and collegiate staff. Current research across the department focusses on:

  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Fibre reinforced cementitious composites
  • Structural timber
  • Strengthening and rehabilitation
  • Durability of reinforced concrete
  • Nonlinear finite element analysis and multiscale modelling of composite materials and structures
  • Structural vibration and seismic analysis
  • Microscopic analysis of discrete materials
  • Point cloud data and geographic information monitoring
  • Building information modelling
  • Smart building management system
  • Strategic construction project management
  • Building model informatization
  • Sustainable construction and smart construction
  • Waste management – dynamics system modelling and whole life cycle analysis
  • Multiphase flow modelling and new catalytic materials
  • Water treatment – Advanced Oxidation Processes, Adsorption process and Nanotechnology
  • Compound channel flow and vegetated flow
  • Computational modelling of fluid and sediment transport

Our academic staff have also been actively engaged in interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research activities such as renewable and clean energy technologies, advanced materials and processes for low carbon manufacturing, carbon capture and storage, complex system modelling, energy demand and bio stabilisation and permeability reduction.

The Department has received over sixteen million RMB of research income since 2011 and is building on its success in order to develop into a research-led department of excellence with international standing and identity.

Built environment research seminars

The Department has launched a series of built environment research seminars to encourage research interaction between academic staff, postgraduate students and researchers from different communities in the interrelated context of sustainability in built environment and infrastructure system.

The seminar series plays an important role in the development of new research strategies and cultivates a meeting point for active researchers within the built environment disciplines. It is also intended to facilitate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research activities in order to develop substantive collaborations and publications.

The theme of the seminars centre on the state-of-the-art research in all aspects of the sustainable development of civil, structural, water, environmental and transportation engineering, architecture, urban planning, renewable energy, building services as well as environmental and architectural acoustics. Research on other aspects of the built environment, including approaches based in social and cultural contexts, are also encouraged.

Visit our events ( page to find out more about the seminars.