Ongoing research projects

Ongoing research projects
Year Awarded Project Name Principal Investigator Funding Body
2021/2022 Theoretical and experimental research on complete shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams based on displacement field description Jian Liu RRSC10120210069
2021/2022 Numerical Simulation and Mechanism Study on Bridge Collapse under Extreme Flood Wei Zhang RRSP10120210150
2020/2021 Online State-Monitoring Technology of Electric Transformers Based on Vibration Characteristics Bowen Xu RDS10120210045
2020/2021 Application of Rubberised Concrete Materials as Pedestrian Road Surface Bowen Xu RDS10120210102RDS10120210102
2020/2021 A Simulation System of Smart Construction Safety Management Cheng Zhang RDS10120210117
2020/2021 An Information Exchange Framework for BIM, BAS, And IoT Data Using Semantic Web Technologies Shu Tang RDF-20-01-14
2020/2021 Theoretical and experimental investigations of concrete strength under triaxial conditions Guobin Gong REF-20-01-01
2020/2021 Behaviour of FRP-confined reinforced concrete members incorporating recycled tyre rubber aggregates Bowen Xu RDF-20-01-05
2020/2021 Three-dimensional simulation of wave-induced scour erosion around a cylinder Wei Zhang RDF-20-01-09
2020/2021 Structural Performance of sustainable high-volume fly ash Concrete Jun Xia REF-20-02-01
2020/2021 Study of open-channel flows partially covered with two heights of vegetation Xiaonan Tang REF-20-02-03
2020/2021 Experimental Investigation and Mixed-type Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures with Deep Transfer Girders Jian Liu RDF-20-02-12
2019/2020 Improving the Precision and Intelligence of 3D Reconstruction for Construction Information Modelling Cheng Zhang RRSP10120210025
2019/2020 Emerging bio-renewable minerals recycled from waste shells for green concrete Engui Liu RDF-19-01-22
2018/19 Mechanical Performance of assembled ultra-high performance concrete-high strength steel comosite beam Jun Xia RDS10120190029
2018/19 Application of pervious concrete pavement blocks containing recycled aggregates in civil engineering construction Chee Seong Chin RDS10120180030
2018/19 Flow assessment for the floodplain with transplanted trees and effects of inundation on modelled land characteristics Xiaonan Tang KSF-E-17
2018/19 Footfall-induced vibration of floors based on experiments and FEM simulations Guobin Gong KSF-E-19
2018/19 A novel dual-function composite piezoelectric patch for structure health monitoring and repair Charles Loo KSF-E-27
2018/19 Model for exploring the path to upgrade 3R via waste disposal charging and other espoused public policies Jian Li Hao KSF-E-29
2018/19 Point cloud data sampling based on model precision requirements Lei Fan KSF-E-40
2018/19 Application of calcite-precipitating indigenous bacteria towards ground improvement (large-scale pilot proof-of-concept experiment) Charles Loo REF-18-01-07
2017/18 Influence of semi-rigid connections on the overall structural stability of precast concrete frame structures Charles Loo NSFC-51650110497
2017/18 The effects of multiple stressors on stream ecosystem functioning, community structure and resource subsidy Xiaonan Tang BK20171238
2017/18 Performance assessment and optimisation of the prefabricated exterior wall panels reinforced with light-gauge steel frames Chee Seong Chin RDS10120170090
2017/18 Sensors for monitoring infrastructures: phase 1 Lei Fan Jizuobiao Information Technology Ltd. RP0009
2017/18 Initiatives for sustainable urban development in China: focusing on flooding and storm-water management Konstantinos Papadikis RDF-17-02-45
2017/18 Evaluating costs and benefits of using BIM for Infrastructure for a PPP project in China Fangyu Guo RDF-17-02-60
2017/18 New cold-formed steel joist and high-strength concrete slab composite system Charles Loo RDF-17-02-39
2017/18 Design of sustainable urban drainage systems for sponge cities: focusing on urban runoff retardation facilities in Suzhou city Konstantinos Papadikis RDF-17-01-42
2017/18 A roadmap to built environment informatics and resource optimisation based on big visual data analysis Cheng Zhang KSF-E-04
2017/18 BIM-based building lifecycle sustainability analysis Cheng Zhang REF-17-01-11
2016/17 Study on the flow structure of asymmetric compound channel Xiaonan Tang National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
2016/17 XJTLU-Innostrux Endowed Chair Professor Fund Chee Seong Chin XJTLU-Innostrux
2016/17 XJTLU-Innostrux Centre for Advanced Fibre Reinforced Concrete Technology Chee Seong Chin XJTLU-Innostrux
2016/17 Study on the flow structure of asymmetric compound channels Xiaonan Tang National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
2016/17 Information modelling and real-time monitoring system for smart construction Cheng Zhang Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme, 17KJB560011
2016/17 Occupancy-driven intelligent control of HVAC systems for saving energy and enhancing thermal comfort Cheng Zhang Research Institute of Smart and Green Cities (RISGC) at XJTLU, RISGC-2017-1
2016/17 Polymer concrete for timber composites Karol Sikora RDF-16-01-05
2016/17 A novel basalt fibre textile-reinforced mortar for improved fire resistance Charles Loo RDF-16-01-17
2016/17 VR-based teaching and learning tools for the built environment Cheng Zhang TDF 16/17-R14-97
2016/17 Lattice-Boltzmann studies on the effect of the morphological properties of porous media in immiscible displacements Konstantinos Papadikis RDF-16-02-34
2016/17 Effect of vegetation patch on compound channel flows Xiaonan Tang RDF-16-02-02
2016/17 Bio-based cementitious composites with recycled wastes Chee Seong Chin RDF-16-01-05
2015/16 Effects of permeability properties of the repair material on the formation of macro-cell corrosion in repaired concrete members Ominda Nanayakkara NSFC Research Fund for International Young Scientists
2015/16 Composite deck system made of ultra-high performance concrete and high-strength steel Jun Xia Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme
2015/16 Evaluation of TLS-derived DEM accuracy for point cloud density reduction Lei Fan RDF 2015 Round 1
2014/15 An assessment of the brittleness of time stiffening/strengthening geotechnical materials Stephen Wilkinson RDF 2014 Round 1
2014/15 Precast deck panel made of sustainable reactive powder concrete Jun Xia RDF 2014 Round 2
2013/14 Stimulated microbial activity for sustainable geotechnical remediation of unlined/uncontrolled municipal solid waste disposal sites Stephen Wilkinson RDF 2013 Round 1
2013/14 Fe-based catalyst for pyrolysis oil upgrading Konstantinos Papadikis RDF 2013 Round 3
2013/14 Agricultural straw fibre-reinforced concrete for potential industrial ground-floor slab application Chee Seong Chin RDF 2013 Round 3
2013/14 Fibre distribution characterisation and its impact on mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced concrete Jun Xia RDF 2013 Round 3
2013/14 Lifecycle evaluation of building sustainability using BIM and RTLS Cheng Zhang PGRS 2013 Round 2
2013/14 Patch repair of concrete members due to chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion Ominda Nanayakkara PGRS 2013 Round 2
2012/13 Engineered structural fibres as replacement for traditional reinforcements for concrete Chee Seong Chin PGRS 2012 Round 1
2012/13 Effective patch repair of concrete members due to reinforcement corrosion Ominda Nanayakkara RDF 2012 Round 3
2012/13 Confined masonry structures with the use of textile-reinforced mortars (TRM) Theofanis Krevaikas RDF 2012 Round 3