The Department has a provision of laboratory facilities, valued at over RMB 10 million, covering the core subjects of structures, materials, geotechnics, hydraulics and environment, to support teaching and research activities.

The key laboratory facilities and equipment include:

  • Five tonne gantry crane, two tonne forklift and cherry picker
  • Structural testing frames for a range of scales: desktop, ¼ model and full-scale testing
  • Range of concrete mixing facilities, up to one tonne mix capacity
  • Vibrating table for concrete compaction
  • Curing tank with circulating pump heater/thermostat
  • Concrete grinder and diamond saw
  • Reinforcing bars bender and cutter
  • TecQuipment frames for the investigation of: Bending moment in a beam (STR2); Shear force in a beam (STR3); Deflection of beams and cantilevers (STR4); Unsymmetrical bending and shear (STR7); Pin jointed frameworks (STR8); Buckling of struts (STR12); Model scale earthquake shaking table laboratory facility.
  • Two computer controlled universal testing machines, 10 and 30 tonne capacity
  • One compression testing machine, 300 tonne capacity
  • Universal servo-pneumatic testing machine
  • Marshall hammer
  • Brookfield viscometer
  • Environmental chamber
  • Humidity cabinet with nebuliser and five shelves, 112 litre capacity.
  • Six standard oedometers including both UK and USA standard cell sizes, and provision for dial gauge or transducer measurements
  • Two standard direct shear apparatus allowing shear of circular samples, measurements by dial gauge
  • Ring shear, Bromhead design, measurements taken via transducer
  • Two open top permeameters designed in house by Dr Kamnis and Dr Wilkinson
  • Four Triaxial cells 0 – 1.7MPa capacity
  • Point load testing rig
  • Sampling Equipment: Mini borehole coring rig and 5m hand auger
  • Hitachi TM3000 tabletop scanning electron microscope
  • Nikon petrological microscope with stepping motor controlled stage for 3D surface measurements
  • 1.3m arm geotechnical centrifuge.
  • Hydraulic benches for: hydrostatic pressure; Reynolds experiment; pitot tube; momentum equation; Bernoulli’s equation; friction losses; local losses; water hammer; flow through orifices; flow observation; three metre open channel
  • Five kg/hr fast pyrolysis rig
  • Hydrodeoxygeneation rig
  • Thermal spraying booth
  • Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics benches
  • Compressed air specific heat capacity measurement
  • CO2 critical state measurement
  • Centrifugal fan performance
  • Air flow streamline observation
  • Heat transfer
  • Integrated pump performance test
  • Multi-level boundary layer development test
  • Wastewater treatment benches
  • Sedimentation tank
  • Radial flow sedimentation tank
  • Aeration tank
  • Biological filtration tank
  • Activated sludge tank
  • Dissolved oxygen and oxygen demand (BOD/COD) meters.
  • Brenauer-Emmett-Teller Nitrogen Adsorption Specific Surface Area Measurement Instrument (H-200-BET-A)
  • Elemental Analysis Instrument for C,H,N (Elementar Vario Macro)
  • Hot/Cold Fibre Extraction Unit for Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Lignin Fibres (FT355-350)
  • Rapid Pyrolyser for Biomass Samples (Pyroprobe 5200)
  • Gas Chromatography – Mass Selective Detector for Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis of Semi-Volatile Compounds (GC-MSD 7890/5975)
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis Instrument for Thermogravimetric Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (Netzsch STA 449 F3)
  • Nano-Particle Size Distribution Analysis Instrument (Winner 801).
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