Recent Publications

In the past two years (2021-2023), our faculty have published the following thesis in international journals:

Year Category Project Title Authors Journal
2023 Supply Chain Management Managing demand by upgrade programs and markdown pricing with a product rollover XIAO, Y., HU, C., & LIU, Q Naval Research Logistics
2023 Information Systems Sustaining Firm Sustainability Endeavors: The Role of International Diversification on Firm CSR Capability Sun, W., & Xu. X. Journal of Cleaner Production
2023 Supply Chain Management Bid price controls for car rental network revenue management Li, D., Pang, Z., & Qian, L. Production and Operations Management
2023 Supply Chain Management The impact of corporate social responsibility decoupling on financial performance: The role of customer structure and operational slack. HE, C., JIA, F., WANG, L., CHEN, L. and FERNANDES, K. International Journal of Operations & Production Management
2023 Information Systems Theorizing Moderation in the Configurational Approach: A Guide for Identifying and Interpreting Moderating Influences in QCA Ma, T., Cheng, Y., Guan, Z., Li, B., Hou, F., & Lim, E. T. K. Information Systems Journal
2022 Supply Chain Management The impact of COVID-19 government measures on manufacturers’ stock market valuations: Evidence from China Chen, L., Li, T., Jia, F. and Schoenherr, T. Journal of Operations Management
2022 Supply Chain Management A theory of interior peaks: Activity sequencing and selection for service design Li, Y., Dai, T., & Qi, X. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
2022 Supply Chain Management Push or Pull? The impact of ordering policy choice on the dynamics of a hybrid closed-loop supply chain. Lin, J., Zhou, L., Spiegler, V. L., Naim, M. M., & Syntetos, A. European Journal of Operational Research
2022 Information Systems Firm governance and functional strengths: the impact of board diversity on firm marketing capability Sun, W., Xu, X., & Govind, R. British Journal of Management
2022 Information Systems Revealing the black box: Understanding how prior self-disclosure affects privacy concern in the on-demand services Li, C., Wang, C., & Chau, P. Y. International Journal of Information Management
2022 Information Systems Exploring the spoiler effect in the digital age: Evidence from the movie industry Li, Y., Luo, X. R., Li, K., & Xu, X. Decision Support Systems
2022 Marketing Powerlessness, variety-seeking, and the mediating role of need for autonomy Wang, W., Raghunathan, R., & Gauri, D. K. Journal of Retailing

Major Grants

Period Project Title Faculty Name Amount Funding Source
2022 An Investigation of the Modeling and Scheduling Problem of the Coproductive Service Considering Customer Participation and Experience Yifu Li RMB 300,000 NSFC

Young Scientists Fund

2021 Joint optimization of inventory control and component allocation for

Assemble-to-Order systems: A scenario tree approach

Jie Chu RMB 300,000 NSFC

Young Scientists Fund

2020 Exploring System Dynamics Performance of Closed Loop Supply Chains in Consumer Electronic Sector: A Control Engineering Approach Junyi Lin RMB 240,000 NSFC

Young Scientists Fund

2019 Evolutionary-psychology-based marketing of Negative Service: Fear Intervention Perspective Li Pan RMB 180,000 NSFC

Young Scientists Fund

2019 Sustainable Reporting and Firms’ financial Performance: A Supply Chain Perspective Lujie Chen RMB 180,000 NSFC

Young Scientists Fund

2019 Adoption and Diffusion of New Energy Vehicles: the Unified View of Electrification, Sharing and Connected-Autonomous Driving Lixian Qian RMB 480,000 NSFC

General Programme

2019 Country-of-Origin and Cross-border Firm Ownership in the Food Industry: A Study on Consumer Valuation Eddy Fang RMB 197,000 SIP Key Special Fund
2019 Operationalising ‘Emotion Recognition Software’ (ERS) in Policy and Market Research. An Exploratory Application to Food Safety Behaviour in Suzhou Eddy Fang RMB 252,000 Suzhou Industrial Park/ThinkTank
2017 Operationalizing Culture as a Variable in Cross-Cultural Management Modeling. An Application to Innovation Adoption within Cultural Groups. Eddy Fang RMB 170,000 NSFC International Young Scientists Renewal Fund

Conferences and Seminars

Recent Conferences and Seminars

  • Lixian Qian. Spatial Network Effect of Charging Stations on Electric Vehicle Adoption: Evidence from Tesla. The 14th Annual Conference of the Chinese Scholar Association of Management Science & Engineering (CSAMSE), online, 21-22 July 2022.
  • Yue Shen, Li Pan, Ruoyun Jiang. What Encourages Participation in Collaborative Consumption? The role of Mindfulness and Warm Glow Giving. The 6th Marketing Science and Innovation Conference. April 2022, Suzhou, China.
  • Yang, Y., J. Lin, C.P. Hedenstierna, L. Zhou, The more the better? The impact of quantity and location of sustainable processes on the dynamics of a hybrid closed-loop supply chain. 22nd International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria, Feb 22-26, 2022.
  • Lin, H.Huang, S.Li, M.M. Naim, On the dynamics of order pipeline inventory in a forbidden returns order up to system, 22nd International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria, Feb 22-26, 2022.
  • Boying Li, Xincheng Liu, Runqin Wen, Xuxiang Liu, Zhengzhi Guan, and Fangfang Hou. Dramaturgical Analysis of E-commerce Live Streaming: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between China and UK. The 15th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM) Proceedings, 2022.
  • Zhengzhi Guan, Boying Li, Fangfang Hou, Chong, Alain Yee-Loong Chong, and Jason B.Thatcher. A Text-Analytic Approach to Deciphering the Roles of Users in Contributing to Collective Storytelling in Social Media. Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) 2022 Proceedings, 2022.
  • Qian Luo. POMS–China International Conference, Xi’an, China-PRC (Session Chair), 2022. Estimating Patient Health Transition From Data Censored By Treatment-Effect-Based Policies.

Upcoming Conferences and Seminars

  • Didier Soopramanien, RARCS conference Lyon 2023, “Car dependency and creative car consumers”.
  • Chen Hu, the 13th POMS-HK International Conference 2023, “Freedom is not free: coupon design with customer returns”.
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