PhD Students

Hanhong Feng
Research Topic: The quick-witted salesperson with open arms: How mindfulness improves frontline employee service-sales ambidexterity
Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Hampson
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Li Pan  Dr. Natasha Clennell


Zhongyun Li

Research topic: On-line Framework Product Defect Detection With Social Media Data
Supervisor: Dr. Xiaobo Xu
Co-supervisor: Dr. Guoquan Liu


Yuehan Yang
Research Topic:The influence of behavioural factors on the bullwhip effect in supply chains
Supervisor: Dr. Junyi Lin
Co-supervisor: Dr. Carl Philip T. Hedenstierna, Dr. Guoquan Liu


Ruicheng Liu

Research Topic:Dynamic rebalancing strategies and optimization of dockless bike-sharing system
Supervisor: Jianghang Chen
Co-supervisors: Dr. Jianyu Xu, Dr. Guoquan Liu


Mengqi Jiang

Research Topic:Corporate social responsibility and firm performance: a technology perspective
Supervisor: Dr. Lujie Chen
Co-supervisors: Dr. Daniel Xing


Fangxu Yan

Research Topic:Digitalization and Supply Chain Resilience in Manufacturing Industry
Supervisor: Dr. Lujie Chen
Co-supervisors: Prof. Robert Willison


Yijie Chen
Research Topic: CSR practice reshape business in Manufacturing SMEs in China
Supervisor: Dr. Xueji Liang
Co-supervisors: Dr. Adam Cross