It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the School of AI and Advanced Computing (AIAC), XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang). Today more than ever, big data and artificial intelligence are shaping the way we live, work and play. The true potential of the discipline is yet to be realised, however.

The School of AI and Advanced Computing has been developed with the direct involvement of leading businesses at the forefront of AI and computing developments. As a result, the School has a robust business development strategy linked to the AI industry’s technological and research developments.

Our industry-led research is underpinned by our entrepreneurial ethos that is central to the School’s activities. Academic staff work closely with our industrial partners, developing academic programmes and research projects that focus on applied AI solutions and commercialisation opportunities.

Our student-centred teaching ensures that students are at the heart of everything we do. Our degree programmes offer a solid grounding in the foundations of the discipline, immerse students in entrepreneurialism and technology through industry practices, and ensure students are fully prepared for their career development.

The School is defined by its staff and students. We warmly welcome students, academics, and researchers from all over the world. We offer an inclusive environment that delivers excellent opportunities to those who are driven and determined to succeed.

Professor Angelos Stefanidis
Dean of the School of AI and Advanced Computing

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