Dreame Technology (Suzhou) Limited

Dreame Technology (Suzhou) Limited

Introduction to Dreame

Founded in 2017, Dreame Technology is a global technology company that constantly seeks and grows, and is committed to using cutting-edge technology for life inclusion.

In order to meet the diversified and personalised needs of consumers around the world, Dreame Technology continues to explore the application scenarios of innovative technologies in the field of user life intelligence, and is moving towards a diversified and three-dimensional layout of the innovative company.

At present, Dreame Technology has become a leading brand in the intelligent cleaning industry, with sweeping robots, wireless hoovers, intelligent scrubbers, high-speed hair dryers, four categories, technology to liberate the hands of users, so that users have more time and energy to focus on themselves, to enjoy life, and to pursue the dream life.

Dreame Technology always believes that ‘innovative technology is the root of everything’, through the ultimate exploration of innovative technology of intelligent appliances, so that users can experience the happiness of life brought by innovative technology from every ‘small thing’ in life.

Dreame Technology owns a series of authorised patents and is a global leader in high-speed digital motors and intelligent algorithms. As of March 2024, Dreame Technology has applied for a total of 4,276 patents globally, and has been granted a total of 2,371 patents.

From technology, intelligence to fashion, Dreame Technology continues to deliver the temperature of life brought by technological products to users. Hundreds of designers from the world’s top design schools make design a bridge between technology and temperature, helping Dreame Technology products serve users’ lives in an elegant, friendly and pleasant way.

Currently, Dreame Technology’s products have covered more than 100 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Germany, France, South Korea, etc., and more than 4,000 offline physical shops have been set up globally. 2023, Dreame Technology’s omni-channel membership has exceeded 8 million people, and has served more than 21 million families in the global market.

A small step in technology benefiting the lives of users is a big step forward for human society and civilisation. In the future, based on the unique systematic competitiveness of innovation and technology, Dreame Technology will continue to explore the future ecology of the smart electrical appliances industry, create products that efficiently serve users’ lives with innovative technology, and promote the continuous evolution of human society towards a better picture of intelligence and innovation.



Dreame Technology and the School of Robotics of XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) have developed in-depth collaboration, including but not limited to talent development, industry internships, and other collaborations.