Dynamic Lab

Dynamic Lab

Dynamics Lab

Brief Introduction

The Dynamics Lab of the Taicang Campus was established in September 2022, and it is one of the School of Robotics’ core laboratories that provides a comprehensive environment dedicated to the exploration and understanding of dynamics and mechanical systems.

The Dynamics Lab features advanced equipment such as anti-sway systems, multi-degree-of-freedom rotational systems and parallel robots, all of which are interfaced with standard desktop computer and controlled with programmable logic controller (PLC). This exceptional array of equipment, combined with the support of our experienced faculty, offers students a real-world application to the theories learned in class while empowering students to program and control the systems, stimulating their problem-solving skills and creativity.



    • Lab Director: Dr. Sze-Hong Teh
    • Lab Technicians: Ms. Jinglin Peng, Mr. Feiyang Sun



    • Anti-sway systems
    • Multi-degree-of-freedom rotational systems
    • Parallel robots


【Supporting Modules】

    • RBE202TC Programmable Logic Controllers and Network Communications
    • RBE211TC Dynamic Systems
    • RBE403TC Intelligent Robotics and Applications